Copycats are the worst.


Yes! I’m aware of the potato salad project. STOP EMAILING ME ABOUT IT!

Seriously, long-time readers will know that these kinds of joke projects are nothing new. [1][2][3] They’re not even particularly creative. Just pick any random thing. Ask for money, and pretend that it’s adorable that you’re a grown man asking for lunch money.

I refuse to waste braincells researching how this one has managed to “go viral” and become wildly popular. However, now that it has we can count on an endless cavalcade of copy-cats.

I want to stress that these are not all the copy-cats. They’re not even all the ones I could find. Not even close. I just stopped when I got bored of taking screenshots.

(No clickable links because copycats are terrible.)


ps_copycat_mac_salad ps_copycat_bed

ps_copycat_mashed ps_copycat_pizza

ps_copycat_juice ps_copycat_burger2

ps_copycat_burger ps_copycat_ice_cream

ps_copycat_spring_rolls ps_copycat_rice

ps_copycat_milkshake ps_copycat_mac

I’ll bet Kickstarter is really feeling good about their recent decision to stop pre-screening projects before they go live!

Open Sesame

The great thing about Kickstarter, is that it’s crowd-sourced. The projects that do well are the projects that serve a need and solve a problem!

Well, apparently one of the biggest challenges facing the kickstarter-using public, is that all our beer is in bottles, and before we can drink it we need to somehow open those bottles.

Myself, I’ve been smashing the neck of the bottle against the bar and just drinking from the jagged edge of the broken glass, but others on the Internet have been solving this problem in a much more profitable way.

Even IndieGoGo is thirsty