Operation Manchild

 Operation Adult Big Wheels  Help Vinny Get A Legit Adult Big Wheels!!!

*Sigh* I’ve got to stop looking at IndieGoGo. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Did anyone at IndieGoGo even look at this project before it went live?

'm a child trapped in an adults body. I want a big wheels like i used to have when i was a kid. It's now possible  ...with your help!!! Spread the word!!

Actually, recumbent tricycles for grown-ups are a real thing. Supposedly they’re healthier for your back than a regular bike, and safer than a recumbent bicycle.

But somehow I doubt that’s what our troll-faced friend is looking for.

AdultBigWheels_03 AdultBigWheels_04

He must think it’s so adorable that he still acts like a little kid.

Life tip : It isn’t.