Pay (someone else) to win!

Candy Crush Saga LEVEL SOLVER - Stuck on a level and failing over and over again even with powerups? Let my company be the key to the next level by solving it for you!

Are you stuck on a really hard level in Candy Crush, but you’ll be damned if you’re going to give King Digital Entertainment any money to skip a level?

I’ve got the solution! Give somebody else some money!

That’s right! You can “buy credits” and then spend those “credits” to get them to solve the puzzle for you!

This is clearly a wonderful solution. Instead of giving money to the artists and engineers that made a game you enjoy so that they can pay the bills and make other games you’ll enjoy, you should give your money to a completely unrelated third party!

(Never mind that they don’t tell you how they’re going to solve the level, since there’s no way to compute the “perfect” move without knowing what pieces are hidden above the top of the screen.)

Even better! IF you act now, you can pre-order “credits” for their service for more than three times their face value.