MLP Movie – Quest for the Master Key!

 making an animation about the origins of discord! A MLP MOVIE!
This man needed $600 to make an animated movie that “fleshed out the backstory of certain villians in the MLP universe.”

That’s right, he wanted to make a prequel movie to the My Little Pony show.

I don’t even know what to make fun of here!

Should I mock him for …

  • …thinking Hasbro Studios would let him make an MLP movie with their copyright?
  • …believing he could make a movie with a $600 animation budget?
  • …writing his script based on a table-top RPG he played with his friends. (Every night for a year!)
  • …his profile pic? (see below)

john seely - Creator of the would-be MLP Film

Oh well, let’s just look at the rewards.
 Pledge $100 or more  0 backers Limited (5 of 5 left)  have one OC travel and fight with the heroes FOR THE WHOLE FILM, and have two other OC's appear in the background (yes you can have a friends OC in it.) Estimated delivery: Jul 2013
Here, “OC” stands for “Original Character”. So for $100 you could have had a pony you designed (probably based on yourself) inserted into the movie as a side-kick to the heros! (Is $100 out of your price range? For $50 you could have had your character speak “an entire conversation” with the heros, or for $10 your character could have appeared in the background!)

Nothing says “Professional!” like adding random characters to your movie because somebody gave you a hundred bucks.

when i was told about kick-starter i instantly knew i was going to finally get to make my movies!

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic


Doppelganger : Universal Game piece.

The Doppelganger, universal game piece is a customizable board and role playing game piece. Now you can upload your pictures and personalize your gameplay!

For $25 these people will sell you a board-game piece with two built-in computer screens.

Even though the gamers I played with had hundreds of figures, we would often lack the just the right ones.
Sounds like quite a problem.

My first idea was a transformable figure, or a Transfomer-like figure that could become multiple characters or game pieces.
Really? That was your first idea? Your first idea was to build a transformer? And your second idea was to build a game piece with a built-in LCD screen?

Let me tell you what my first idea was :

card_stand_black card_stand_blue card_stand_redcard_stand_green

That’s right card holders! They’re specifically designed for this work. They’re small enough to work with D&D minis. They work with any picture you can draw or print out. And, (sorry to sound like an old man) they don’t need to be recharged!

And best of all? They cost $0.13 each!

Don’t have thirteen cents? (because you spent all your money on dubious Kickstarter gadgets?) No problem, you can go scavenge one from that Candyland game you haven’t played since you were six.

Or you could pay $25 for this silly gadget.


Glue some dice on your car!

Geek Chic d20 Tire Pressure Caps

Geek Chic “Pressure Caps”. (I assume they mean “Stem caps”). Let’s take a look.


Ok, Basically, this is $2 worth of stem caps crazy-glued to $2 worth of twenty-sided dice.

To make this yourself it would literally cost you $4, and a few drops of glue.

Pedge $20 or more for a set of Pressure caps. (Stem caps)

Twenty Dollars!

Does anyone seriously expect these things to last for more than a week of real road conditions? Professionally made novelty dice stem caps are made by drilling into the dice, and building the covers into the dice!

Just gluing a dice on there is like something a 9 year old would do on his bicycle!

Update :

Looks like they smartened up and started offering ones made the not-stupid way.
New Recessed Dice Style