Catch a ghost with special paper!

"Ghost Pad" logo.
Fantastic! I love Bill Cosby.*

Oh wait.
 GHOST PAD: Have ghosts? Find out with Ghost Pads thermal technology.  Paranormal Investigators and fans. Next time you hear footsteps or feel a cold spot, put down a GHOST PAD and maybe find evidence.

     Hello Paranormal Fans and Investigators. The Ghost Pad is a Multi degree thermal pad. It can change from dark purple to green to yellow to white as the temperature increases and reverse when the temperature gets cooler. The Ghost Pad can be placed side by side to blanket large areas.
The idea that cold-spots can be used to prove that ghosts exist is kind of an exercise in circular logic, but let’s ignore that for now. The TV ghost-hunters use cold-spots, so that must be how you find ghosts!

These are just sheets of paper that change color with the temperature. You may remember this technology from the early 1990s when Hypercolor t-shirts were really cool for about two weeks. (or “totally radical” as we used to say.)

The problem with these sheets of paper are about the same as those stupid shirts. In order to see something cool, you’ve got to press your hand against them for a few seconds. How the heck are you going to get ghosts to do that? Maybe your house is haunted by ghosts who like cheap novelty items?


Of course, I say “cheap”, but actually it’ll set you back $38 for a 17″x12″ sheet of this stuff. And let’s be honest, 17×12 is far too small to catch a ghost unless he’s haunting a doll house, so you’re going to want a bunch of these.

That’ll add up fast. You should have just backed this Kickstarter and gotten yourself a thermal imager that plugs into your iphone for $150!

* Well, not so much anymore.


God Can

GOD CAN: Quality Products - Made in America to Inspire The World. Its a product line made to give hope & promise on all who wear it

God in a Can

Honest to can, when I saw the name of this project I really believed it would be about hollow metal cylinders somehow relating to the almighty. I thought maybe it was some kind of inspirational novelty gift item like I’ve drawn above.

In actual fact, it’s yet another set of T-Shirts.


Boring t-shirts.

After seven years of nobody wanting your crumby t-shirts and you haven’t figured out what’s going wrong?

Let me crack the code for you : Your shirts are dumb, boring, and confusing.

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She thinks she has a book deal.


You’ve got a book deal! Congratula- wait. You need six thousand dollars?

I think there’s been a misunderstanding here. Let me diagram this out for you.

Sorry, lady, but if a publisher is asking you for money they’re not really a publisher. At best they might be a vanity press, at worse they’ll just disappear with your money.

Anyway, let’s listen to her video :

I believe I am a best-selling author. I have wrote a ten-thousand page book about coming out of bondage of things that have a stronghold on us.

TEN-THOUSAND PAGES?!? Holy crap! I’ve got to diagram this out again.

This is a truly record-breaking book! Amazing. No wonder the “publisher” wants so much money, they’ll have to cut down a whole forest to print it!

Wait a minute.

Oh, Maybe she meant to say “Ten-thousand words“. That’s not a novel! That’s a term paper!

So what we have here is a woman that is being scammed by a vanity press, who needs money to print her book, which is either a record breaking 10,000 pages long, or about 35 pages long.

That’s more than a little sad, actually.


Book to Theme Park : Candlelight

Book to Theme Park Candlelight : A Science Fiction love story

Josh Kostelecky is a man with a plan.

It’s a bit complicated, but I’ve taken the liberty of illustrating it.

First you write three books. Then you Build a theater. Then you build a movie studio. Then you build a theme park. Then you ride the roller coaster all day long, because you've earned it, man. You've earned it.

So how’d that turn out?