Mason Jar Upgrades

So, I guess it’s become stylish to drink out of a mason jar like you’re some kind of backwoods moonshiner.

Ok, fine. Why not. They’re solid, they’re glass, they’re cheap. There’s worse things you could be drinking from. The problem is, nobody actually wants to be mistaken for some Appalachian hillbilly or a hippie with a science experiment.

What’s the solution? Accessorize your mason jar!

That’s right. Add a handle, add a lid, (Of course they already have lids, throw those away.) maybe even add some insulation and a plastic shell so you can drop it!

Of course, like a bamboo iPad case, this is entirely a fashion statement, but they always have to come up with an excuse why it’s more than that. Some say it’s “sustainable” somehow, others say that plastics are full of mysterious “toxins”, some specifically mention BPA even though they took that out of mugs ages ago.



Goaster? I hardly KNOW’er!

Goaster, The Coaster to Go - Goaster is an easy to use portable coaster that gets folded up and put on your keychain

As everyone knows, the fundamental problem with coasters is that they’re not portable. They just can’t be moved from one place to another. Not easily anyway.

Inventor Michael Di Rico has solved this problem forever by inventing a portable coaster!

I said to my friend, "how cool would it be for you to have a coaster you can take with you"?
Oh yeah, I say this to my buddies all the time, the difference is that I’m not an inventor, so I couldn’t make the dream a reality.

I literally cannot think of a way to carry a coaster from one place to another.

The sky is the limit on what can be put on a Goaster.
You could put a pint glass on it, or a stein, a cup, a tumbler, a shot glass, a chalice, a mug, a goblet, or even a flagon.

How cool is that to show off out and about with your friends?
Next time me and my buddies are hanging out, bragging about our latest coaster purchases and swapping coaster-related stories, I’m gonna blow their minds by showing them my new portable coaster.