Sky Cart!

Finally! A flying car! I’ve wanted one of those ever since 2001, when it officially became “The 21st Century”!

The project is pretty light on details. It’s got that one cool picture, which is good, but they stole it, which is bad.

It’s actually a picture of the Ehang 184 passenger drone.

No movie either, of course.

  The Sky Cart will be an economical multi personal drone.  With estimated flight times of 45 minutes to possibly a hour and a half at speeds up to 130 miles an hour.  A pre-programmable, which means hands free, or hands on personal aircraft.  With the stability of a drone, speeds of on airplane, and maneuverability of a helicopter, The Sky cart can take you and possibly 3 friends anywhere in half the time of a car.  It truly is capable of eliminating 50% of the vehicles on the roads, and at a starting price of only $25,000!  With the added bonus of being completely electric, or having optional eco friendly auxiliary power units for longer flights.  I already have the designs of the base drone but need the capital for equipment and materials.  Your donations will strictly be going towards the production and licensing/legality aspects of the product.  Any and all donations appreciated.  An estimated only 3-6 months to produce the first prototype.
Wow! Bold claims! Basically they’re promising to make helicopters cheaper than most cars! Something that the worlds’ leading aircraft (and car) manufacturers have been trying to do for about a century.

Funny they could only spare the time to write one paragraph about it, and not even show us a real picture of what they’re working on.

I guess building hovercars is such hard work that they’re too tired to write about it. Makes sense.

Must be risky, huh?


Oh, I guess it’s basically risk free! I can’t see any reason we shouldn’t give them the $200,000 they’re asking for.

But what do we get?



Tiny-Copter to the Rescue!


This man needs €100 (about $120) to design a series of robots that will help passengers during a plane crash. (And thus, by making flying safer, make people less afraid of flying.)

That sounds pretty futuristic. What kind of rescue can you do with a drone?


Oh come on, I could barely carry all that myself. And you’re telling me that some drone is going to buzz around putting out fires and tossing ropes to passengers?

In fact, I’m not sure what the passengers are supposed to do with a rope once the robot gives it to them. When was the last time you read about someone surviving a plane-crash, but dieing afterwards because they didn’t have a rope?


Kickstarter requires a prototype for all technology projects, so let’s take a moment to watch the video of this thing’s prototype.

Oh great. We’re saved. The robot will save us! It will save us with its cardboard cutout of a fire extinguisher!