Poorly Drawn Drug Lord!


Yet another phone game. Ok, what’s this one about?

In Drug Lord, you start out as a street dealer in Montana. As you progress you can hire manufacturers, dealers, and guards to help do your work for you.  You can expand your empire across the state in the first version of the game. In later expansions we will include states across I-90 and then branch in to the southern United States.
(He goes on to describe a pretty typical in-app-purchase system where you let players get started for free, then bleed ’em dry once they’re hooked on the game.)

Ok, so it’s a pretty standard business sim game. Except with the “naughty” twist of being about crime.

Actually, there are already a lot of drug-related business sim games on android. Including a game with the same name as this one!

But what’s with that terrible title image? Must be “programmer art”. Computer programers are notoriously bad at art.


Oh. Ok. So this is a game made by someone who can’t draw and can’t program, based on an idea that’s been done a hundred times, and with a title that’s already taken. Seems like he’s going to face some pretty serious ‘risks and challenges’!


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