I ain’t afraid of ’em.


These people need £400 to film a documentary about ghosts in England. The video attached to the project is just one minute and thirty-six seconds of a garden path as seen through a photo-negative filter. Spooky? Not really, but maybe it’s the best they can do without that £400 they need.

I wonder how much £400 is in US money?

400 British Pound Sterling equals 666.04 US Dollar

Woah! Now we know ghosts are involved!

  Ghost hunters is going to be a documentry series focasing on the haunted history of the south west and investigating various locations.
We are  looking  for  funds to purchase technical gear and video cams to allow us to complete our documentery.

Oh yeah, you can tell these guys are pros. All they need is some “technical gear” and they’re good to go.

We have got permission to film in various locations but what we need is some backing for the tech gear (Cama, DVRs and video editing hardware)
That’s the ticket. I don’t know what a “Cama” is, but it must be cheap because between the DVR and the “editing hardware” (An iMac) they’re not going to have much left over of that £400.

That’s all good, but tell us about the film.

We will be doing filming and night time investigations in some of the most haunted places in south west england, We feel this is a unquie  and intresting documertery about the south west of england ghosts and ghouls.


unquie  and intresting documertery


unquie  and intresting documertery