Doppelganger : Universal Game piece.

The Doppelganger, universal game piece is a customizable board and role playing game piece. Now you can upload your pictures and personalize your gameplay!

For $25 these people will sell you a board-game piece with two built-in computer screens.

Even though the gamers I played with had hundreds of figures, we would often lack the just the right ones.
Sounds like quite a problem.

My first idea was a transformable figure, or a Transfomer-like figure that could become multiple characters or game pieces.
Really? That was your first idea? Your first idea was to build a transformer? And your second idea was to build a game piece with a built-in LCD screen?

Let me tell you what my first idea was :

card_stand_black card_stand_blue card_stand_redcard_stand_green

That’s right card holders! They’re specifically designed for this work. They’re small enough to work with D&D minis. They work with any picture you can draw or print out. And, (sorry to sound like an old man) they don’t need to be recharged!

And best of all? They cost $0.13 each!

Don’t have thirteen cents? (because you spent all your money on dubious Kickstarter gadgets?) No problem, you can go scavenge one from that Candyland game you haven’t played since you were six.

Or you could pay $25 for this silly gadget.


Sticky Trading Card Game

Sticky Trading Cards - Sticky is a trading card game with a stick man twist we want to create an amazing game and we want you to be a part of it (In the interest of fairness, I should acknowledge up front that the creator of this project claims to be only 13 years old. However, £1,500 (about $2,400) is a grown-up amount of money, so this project has to stand trial as an adult. We have no compassion here at

First of all, “Sticky Trading Cards” is a terrible name for a card game.

Second of all, I want to point out that the project description has over six-hundred words, but not one punctuation mark! It actually hurt my brain to read, but I did it so you guys don’t have to.

at some point we have all collected trading cards the joy of opening a pack box or tin not knowing what cards we may find inside

Absolutely! I love trading cards. Trading cards are like little treasures in a foil packet! There’s real joy in unwrapping a photograph of your favorite sports hero, or the beautiful artwork of a fantasy game. I’ll sometimes buy cards for games I don’t even play, just because I like the wonderful art.

So what have you got for us?

Sticky Cards - Stick Figure Cards Oh, right. Stick figures. Ugh.

Not just stick figures, but the same stick figures repeated multiple times! (Color changes don’t count!)

Kind of missing the some of the magic of a trading card games, if the cards look like you spent no more than five minutes on them.

StickyCards_04 £11 (about $18) for 20 cards? A least five of which are duplicates?

Even Wizards of the Coast can’t get away with a deal like that!


Subies : a “Roguelike” game for iOS.

SUBIES iOS/PC – “Attack The Depths”

I heartily recommend watching this video demo of a iPhone game. This may be the funniest video on all of Kickstarter.

“See, we relax sometimes because if shaking ship down hurts the fuel!”

Yes, of course it does.

Sadly, this is not a Kickstarter for a series of hilarious videos, they actually want us to buy this game!

Uh … yea … ok … wow.
This is like a carpenter telling you how excited he is about one day owning a hammer, because he doesn’t want to have to keep pounding the nails in with his forehead.

Wow, he totally filled in a government form and paid a $50 registration fee!

And to prove it, he showed us a photograph of his credit card!

Uh, dude, I can still make out the numbers.