Goaster? I hardly KNOW’er!

Goaster, The Coaster to Go - Goaster is an easy to use portable coaster that gets folded up and put on your keychain

As everyone knows, the fundamental problem with coasters is that they’re not portable. They just can’t be moved from one place to another. Not easily anyway.

Inventor Michael Di Rico has solved this problem forever by inventing a portable coaster!

I said to my friend, "how cool would it be for you to have a coaster you can take with you"?
Oh yeah, I say this to my buddies all the time, the difference is that I’m not an inventor, so I couldn’t make the dream a reality.

I literally cannot think of a way to carry a coaster from one place to another.

The sky is the limit on what can be put on a Goaster.
You could put a pint glass on it, or a stein, a cup, a tumbler, a shot glass, a chalice, a mug, a goblet, or even a flagon.

How cool is that to show off out and about with your friends?
Next time me and my buddies are hanging out, bragging about our latest coaster purchases and swapping coaster-related stories, I’m gonna blow their minds by showing them my new portable coaster.

Stick an iWorm in your iFace

 iWorm: Posture perfect iPad use  by Jeffrey Gu

iWorm works simply: it suspends a tablet PC or eReader in front of you at the best distance and angle for your eyes. Use it while standing or sitting! How many places can you imagine using this? I can name at least over 9,000!

What we have here is a man so obsessed with iPads that he literally wants to look at one 24/7. He’s tired of looking at the real world, so he wants to view the world through the lens of sweet, comforting technology. He may wander around in technology-induced stupor, bumping into walls and telephone poles, but he’ll always know the latest trending topic on twitter.

You think I’m joking? Before he invented this “iWorm”, this fool tried to raise a third of a million dollars to wallpaper a room with iPads!

A fool with an iPad in front of his face.

Guns 2 Uranus

Guns to Uranus - time to tell the gun fanatics what they can do with their guns...

Yes! It’s time for another project from my all-time favorite kickstarter : Major Tom!

You may remember him from the projects Girls on Planet Nubia and Buwwets.

He’s in classic form here. The video is an unrelated clip of himself in a motorcycle helmet saying things like “Switch Auto-Pilot On!“. He’s maintaining his persona as an alien (in a helmet) that has arrived at Earth and was shocked by the gun violence in the “Earth Americas”.

be it neighbor or family or friend, here is a nice tongue-in-cheek manner to let them know that you are not in favor or happy with their guns and the proliferation of guns and gun usage in americas

Why does he always say “americas”, plural. Is he referring to both American continents? Or just the USA, but he’s saying it wrong because he’s an alien? (Aliens always talk funny.)

Coming from anyone else, I’d say this was an attempt at a joke, but from Major Tom, I think he means it.

(To be honest, this is Major Tom’s least crazy project so far, and the goal is a reasonable $2,000(only 80 sales), so he might make it this time. I’m cheering for him.)

Also from Major Tom :

Sticky Trading Card Game

Sticky Trading Cards - Sticky is a trading card game with a stick man twist we want to create an amazing game and we want you to be a part of it (In the interest of fairness, I should acknowledge up front that the creator of this project claims to be only 13 years old. However, £1,500 (about $2,400) is a grown-up amount of money, so this project has to stand trial as an adult. We have no compassion here at Kickfailure.com.)

First of all, “Sticky Trading Cards” is a terrible name for a card game.

Second of all, I want to point out that the project description has over six-hundred words, but not one punctuation mark! It actually hurt my brain to read, but I did it so you guys don’t have to.

at some point we have all collected trading cards the joy of opening a pack box or tin not knowing what cards we may find inside

Absolutely! I love trading cards. Trading cards are like little treasures in a foil packet! There’s real joy in unwrapping a photograph of your favorite sports hero, or the beautiful artwork of a fantasy game. I’ll sometimes buy cards for games I don’t even play, just because I like the wonderful art.

So what have you got for us?

Sticky Cards - Stick Figure Cards Oh, right. Stick figures. Ugh.

Not just stick figures, but the same stick figures repeated multiple times! (Color changes don’t count!)

Kind of missing the some of the magic of a trading card games, if the cards look like you spent no more than five minutes on them.

StickyCards_04 £11 (about $18) for 20 cards? A least five of which are duplicates?

Even Wizards of the Coast can’t get away with a deal like that!


CANdleholder “A creative way to add light to your life.”

If I may get philosophical for a moment, I’ve always thought of cans as not specifically candle-holders, but just “Holders”. You know, in general. I mean : They’re cans, so you can put stuff in them.

Ooo! Sounds classy already! Let’s see how they turned out.

Hmm… Well, I guess they have sort of a … “industrial” aesthetic going on?

How’d they do?

Oh. Ouch.