Lil’ bit stupider


Ok. Painted (or sparkly) wine glasses and thermos bottles, cheaper than Etsy, and faster than I could do myself. Sounds reasonable.

Let’s take a look at the only reward level offered by this project :

Huh. Wait a moment. I need to work this out on my calculator.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.30.48 PM

Hmm… I feel like this is going to make it difficult to reach the $5,000 goal.

I wonder if there are other … “number problems”.

This lady clearly has some issues with basic math. Better double-check her other number-related claims.

Is this truly cheaper than what I could get on Etsy?

Is it at least quicker than I could do myself?


Thanks to reader Henry S. for pointing this out to me!

IndieGoGo redesign.


Whenever I’m stuck for content on this blog, I can always depend on IndieGoGo to provide as many completely insane projects as I need to meet my schedule.

Imagine my surpise when I discovered that IndieGoGo had “reinvented” itself.

This could be a disaster! (for me.) I need to go through the check-list to make sure it hasn’t really changed.

Water powered car? –Check


He thinks he’s going to use an electric pump to push water over a waterwheel which will power the pump. He must be six years old.

Teenager who wants expensive toy for free? –Check


Yeah, ok, Objective-C is an Apple standard. It’s not going to work on Glass.

Asshole who thinks shameless greed is funny and clever? –Check

This is so not clever that I’ve already made fun of at least one person who had this exact same stupid idea.

Did he really think it would be that easy?

Creepy sex stuff? (NSFW) –Check

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PawNosh – Expensive Pet Bowls

PawNosh -   A safe and sustainable step forward for pet bowls. Non-toxic, 100% recycled material, and made in the USA.

It’s a glass bowl.

It’s a glass bowl!




It’s an expensive glass bowl.

But … this isn’t packaging. It’s a bowl. Aren’t dog bowls traditionally made of Stainless Steel? Isn’t Stainless Steel also GRAS?

But whatever, let’s not kid ourselves. If you’re really concerned about packaging material and contaminants in your dog food, the least important piece in that entire supply-chain is the bowl.

Yeah, dog food is manufactured from questionable ingredients and then spends months in a plastic-lined sack or can of dubious quality, but I can feel good about it, because I’ve paid big bucks for a nice bowl to hold the food for its final sixty seconds.

Oh good. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been burned by counterfeit bowls.

Mason Jar Upgrades

So, I guess it’s become stylish to drink out of a mason jar like you’re some kind of backwoods moonshiner.

Ok, fine. Why not. They’re solid, they’re glass, they’re cheap. There’s worse things you could be drinking from. The problem is, nobody actually wants to be mistaken for some Appalachian hillbilly or a hippie with a science experiment.

What’s the solution? Accessorize your mason jar!

That’s right. Add a handle, add a lid, (Of course they already have lids, throw those away.) maybe even add some insulation and a plastic shell so you can drop it!

Of course, like a bamboo iPad case, this is entirely a fashion statement, but they always have to come up with an excuse why it’s more than that. Some say it’s “sustainable” somehow, others say that plastics are full of mysterious “toxins”, some specifically mention BPA even though they took that out of mugs ages ago.