What *IS* this?

What's This --  Ever had a spider in your house and wanted to know if it was poisionis or what kind it was? Introducing the photo reconition app,

So it’s like Google Goggles? For spiders?

This started out with me and a friend playing with a medal detector. We kept digging objects out of the ground that we could not identify. So we thought wouldn't it be great to have a phone app that could tell us what these unidentified objects were. So here I am trying to make that happen. Have the drive and ambition to get this done but am lacking  funds . This app will be able to take a picture and then identify the object in that picture with name and other information

So it’s like Google Goggles for everything, and about a thousand times better than anything Google has been able to manage.

That seems … pretty impossible.

Risks and challenges  Only thing I have run into thus far is the copy write for the name What's This . But I am currently working on a solution for the problem
That’s it? That’s the only risk you can think of for this impossible, Even-Google-Can’t-Do-It project? Really?

Aww why am I picking on this kid?

Sometimes I feel mean about picking on projects that are so clearly written by some twelve year old who doesn’t understand how the world works yet.

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