Cowardly 2nd Amendment Shirts

Incognito 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

Want to show your support for the Second Amendment, but are worried about what people will think? No problem. “What you need is an Incognito 2nd Amendment shirt”!

This shirt doesn’t mention the 2nd amendment at all! The only reference to gun control is a cartoon of a pair of guns on the back. That way you can stand by your principals even if you’re too cowardly to do it while facing someone.

2nd Amendment T-Shirt for cowards.

On the front we have … The Wikipedia logo? No, it’s actually the designer, Michael Warfield’s personal logo. That’s right, he has a personal logo.

The back of the shirt celebrates every American’s fundamental constitutional right to play the hit 1995 arcade game “Area 51”.

Area51Arcade area51

So how much is Mr Warfield charging for these masterpieces? What does it cost to show your support for gun ownership without letting anyone know you support gun ownership?

$65 - You get one shirt.

Bah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Sixty-five dollars!

For only $25 these people will sell you a t-shirt with a picture of a house-cat wielding an assault rifle. It’s got just as much to do with the second amendment, and it’s a lot cuter.

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Guns 2 Uranus

Guns to Uranus - time to tell the gun fanatics what they can do with their guns...

Yes! It’s time for another project from my all-time favorite kickstarter : Major Tom!

You may remember him from the projects Girls on Planet Nubia and Buwwets.

He’s in classic form here. The video is an unrelated clip of himself in a motorcycle helmet saying things like “Switch Auto-Pilot On!“. He’s maintaining his persona as an alien (in a helmet) that has arrived at Earth and was shocked by the gun violence in the “Earth Americas”.

be it neighbor or family or friend, here is a nice tongue-in-cheek manner to let them know that you are not in favor or happy with their guns and the proliferation of guns and gun usage in americas

Why does he always say “americas”, plural. Is he referring to both American continents? Or just the USA, but he’s saying it wrong because he’s an alien? (Aliens always talk funny.)

Coming from anyone else, I’d say this was an attempt at a joke, but from Major Tom, I think he means it.

(To be honest, this is Major Tom’s least crazy project so far, and the goal is a reasonable $2,000(only 80 sales), so he might make it this time. I’m cheering for him.)

Also from Major Tom :



Here’s a book created by a six year old after the first time someone explained the gun control debate to him.

Haha! Just Kidding! This is Major Tom (From “Planet Nubia“) again!

Now, I’ll come right out and admit that like any good East-coast liberal, I’m in favor of strong gun control laws, but reading this Kickstarter posting made me want to stand on a street corner and hand out assault rifles to children!

I can already tell that this is going to be a serious book that doesn’t trivialize other people’s opinions.

Don’t worry, though! Major Tom has SOLVED the gun control debate.
Wow… yea… Sure, I don’t see any problems with that plan.

Don’t like Major Tom’s position on Gun Control? Then you should pay him $500 so you can put a 250 word rebuttal in his book.

That makes perfect sense.