White House or Bust.

 Have this detailed portrait sculpture of Dr. Ron Paul cast in bronze, and presented to Dr. Paul on your behalf!

Ah, Ron Paul. Depending on who you ask, he either tried and failed to bring Freedom to all Americans, or he tried and failed to exploit the naive to give power to the rich.

But one thing everybody agrees about Ron Paul, is that he’s the happiest-looking presidential candidate ever!

This project needs £5,000 (almost $8,000) to send Ron Paul his own smiling head, cast in brass. (I’m not sure what he would need it for, maybe he could shave by it if his mirror breaks.)

Our larger goal is to see the remainder of this edition of  bronzes placed where they will spark discussion and provide  inspiration.  To that end, all funds over and above the minimum goal will be put toward reaching out to various institutions - schools, universities, libraries, public buildings - and funding the process of bronze casting, shipping and installing these works where they will long be seen and admired by a constant stream of Americans.
Oh sure! What school or library wouldn’t love to have one of these?

They could put it next to their Ross Perot bust, and their Ralph Nader bust.