Sore Losers : Confederates

In 1954 the supreme court ruled that black people must be allowed to attend “white” schools. When this happened, many southern states pulled their long-forgotten rebel battle flags out of museums, and started flying them over government buildings to protest the ruling. (and other similar rulings.)

Sixty years later, public opinion is turning against those flags, and many of them are coming down.

Some people are pretty salty about that. Crazy people.

Hand-Crafted Confederate Flags Made In The USA

Hand-crafted flags, huh?


Wait? Kickstarter backers? This is IndieGoGo! Apparently they used to be on Kickstarter until Kickstarter decided to pull the plug on confederate flag projects. They’re so committed and professional that they completely forgot to proof-read their marketing copy before launching their IndieGoGo project. (They also neglected to film a pitch video, even though anyone who does their research knows that projects rarely succeed without one.)

They’re optimistic though!
We are also proposing a stretch goal of $1,000,000 which would be used to open the Confederate Flag Company flagship store right here in the heart of Dixie - Nashville, Tennessee. There are very high costs associated with opening a storefront, but doing so would allow us to expand our product line to include clothing, lunchboxes, and more.
A million bucks? To open a flag store that only sells Confederate flags?

(Incidentally, despite being in the “heart of Dixie”, Tennessee was the last state to join the Confederacy, and the first state to rejoin the USA! Eastern Tennessee was strongly pro-USA throughout the entire war, despite being on the other side!)

This old man (I assume) who actually calls himself “Black Knight of the Confederacy” (no really!) is going to reach out to “the youth”, by creating a podcast about how awesome the Confederacy and its flag is!
I wonder if we should tell him that podcasts are mostly listened to by non-youth with long commutes.

How’s the opposition doing?

Bail for Bree -  Support Bree Newsome, brave activist in jail for taking down South Carolina's Confederate flag.
Edit:By the time this article published, this project was over a $100k!


IndieGoGo redesign.


Whenever I’m stuck for content on this blog, I can always depend on IndieGoGo to provide as many completely insane projects as I need to meet my schedule.

Imagine my surpise when I discovered that IndieGoGo had “reinvented” itself.

This could be a disaster! (for me.) I need to go through the check-list to make sure it hasn’t really changed.

Water powered car? –Check


He thinks he’s going to use an electric pump to push water over a waterwheel which will power the pump. He must be six years old.

Teenager who wants expensive toy for free? –Check


Yeah, ok, Objective-C is an Apple standard. It’s not going to work on Glass.

Asshole who thinks shameless greed is funny and clever? –Check

This is so not clever that I’ve already made fun of at least one person who had this exact same stupid idea.

Did he really think it would be that easy?

Creepy sex stuff? (NSFW) –Check

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Flappy birds!

If you’ve been living in a deep-sea research habitat for the last month or two, you might not be aware that the latest cult phenomena in phone games is a very simple little game called “Flappy Bird”.

The game is simple. Tap the screen to move the bird upwards. Don’t tap and he plummets downwards.

The game languished in the app store unnoticed for months, until a lucky combination of Reddit posts, and YouTube reviews suddenly propelled it to the #1 spot on both iPhone and Android.

The original creator of the very simple game eventually got fed up with all the attention and pulled the game from the App Stores, but not before a zillion would-be opportunists decided they needed to jump on that Bandwagon.

There’s been a MMO version, a Virtual Reality version, and even an entire game jam!


We’re talking about a game that any competent programmer could recreate over the weekend.

So of course people are begging for money to do exactly that!

Need an Unauthorized Flappy Bird T-Shirt?

Want to bid on an iPhone with Flappy Bird on it?

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Embrace the Future of Parcels!


Very high-tech blue-print we’ve got going on here.

My team and I are self-identified futurists with specific ideas about mail delivery from the USPS® 5, 10, and 20 years from now. We believe the accessibility of alphaBAND™ has the potential to transform how we send and receive mail.

Hang on folks, this one’s a tricky one.

How it Works!

Imagine you wanted to send an present to your friend.

You could just mail it to them at the post office, but that’s old fashioned. We’ve got Web2.0 now!

So how should I send it?
You should use a 3d scanner to digitize it. Then your friend could get a 3d-print of the item.

Would that work?
Sure, if you only send things made of 100% plastic!

So I email my friends the 3d file?
Don’t be so old fashioned! Email was invented in the 1970s! You want something more hi-tech!

Oh. Then how do I send it?
Through the post office!

But, wasn’t that invented back in-

…ok. So do I give the post office my friend’s address, or my friend’s email address?
Neither! You give the them your friend’s biometric signature.

Bio-whatsit signature?
Biometric Signature! It’s your friend’s permanent serial-number based on his DNA!

How would that help the postman find my friend?
Easy! Your friend would wear a bracelet that transmits his biometric serial number and his exact location directly to the government, 24 hours a day!
That way the postman will have no problem at all!

… I don’t think I like the future anymore.


Operation Manchild

 Operation Adult Big Wheels  Help Vinny Get A Legit Adult Big Wheels!!!

*Sigh* I’ve got to stop looking at IndieGoGo. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Did anyone at IndieGoGo even look at this project before it went live?

'm a child trapped in an adults body. I want a big wheels like i used to have when i was a kid. It's now possible  ...with your help!!! Spread the word!!

Actually, recumbent tricycles for grown-ups are a real thing. Supposedly they’re healthier for your back than a regular bike, and safer than a recumbent bicycle.

But somehow I doubt that’s what our troll-faced friend is looking for.

AdultBigWheels_03 AdultBigWheels_04

He must think it’s so adorable that he still acts like a little kid.

Life tip : It isn’t.


Thought Phones! Or maybe not?

Let me take you backstage a moment and explain how I prepare these posts.

When I find a project that makes me giggle, I take a screenshot of it, and then I bookmark it. Later, when I prepare the post for this blog, I work from that screenshot, but I also check out the page again to see if I missed anything.

So imagine my surprise that this crazy project had completely changed!

Two Weeks Ago :

TARC - The first thought phone

Now :

Tarc - The first free energy thought magnifier

Apparently, project creator Paris Tosen was forced to change the name and purpose of his product when his beta testers complained that they couldn’t place thought-calls on their thought-phones.

That is a real thing that I am not making up.
Therefore, I am going to revise the Tarc into a device that magnifies, accentuates, and modulates thought energy, since this remains a consistent theme in the feedback from the testers.
I think he means “My device does absolutely nothing at all, so I need to revise its description to something that can’t be proved one way or the other.

This is not me telling them what to do.
But that’s your job! You’re the inventor!

Come on, we all know that a thought-phone or even a thought amplifier is complete nonsense!
Oh! I guess he put me in my place!

Let’s carry on, then.

Until two weeks ago it could send and receive messages of love from friends and family, but I guess the receiver circuits still need some work.
(It could also “Send and receive emergency messages to any person in the world“. Which strikes me as the sort of thing his lawyer probably told him to take off the list.)

Two Weeks Ago :

The TARC is designed with Stelan technology (ie interdimensional science), advanced ideas that have been adapted to suit human needs.

Now :

The TARC is designed with a crystalline architecture, advanced ideas that have been adapted to suit human needs. Human DNA is also crystalline based.

Wait, “Stelan Technology”? Yes. Two weeks ago he was all about the “Stelan Technology”, now he doesn’t mention it once!

What is he trying to cover up?

Turns out that “Stelans” are aliens living on Earth! Paris Tosen apparently has a degree in “modern Human-Stelan relations”, and runs the Office of Stelan Affairs.

I can’t imagine why Paris Tosen would try to cover up his expertise in this exciting field!

In fact, he’s an expert in many fields! He’s written a number of books.

Truly a remarkable person.

See for yourself

My Screenshot of the original project is here.
The current “Tarc” project is here.

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