Open Sesame

The great thing about Kickstarter, is that it’s crowd-sourced. The projects that do well are the projects that serve a need and solve a problem!

Well, apparently one of the biggest challenges facing the kickstarter-using public, is that all our beer is in bottles, and before we can drink it we need to somehow open those bottles.

Myself, I’ve been smashing the neck of the bottle against the bar and just drinking from the jagged edge of the broken glass, but others on the Internet have been solving this problem in a much more profitable way.

Even IndieGoGo is thirsty

One Million Dollar Challenge

Here’s a fun IndieGoGo project.

It’s the Internet version of an idea we all had when we were five.


Oh yea? How’s that going, champ?


Haha. Oh well. Too bad. He still has 20 days to go, though. Maybe he’ll get lucky.

If only there was something I could do to help.


Well, I dunno. He does say that “much of all monies received will be donated to charities”. I don’t know how much is “much”, but maybe this is a good cause. What charities are involved?


Right. The money would go right into your pocket, wouldn’t it?

“The Bible of Seduction”

You may recall a couple of weeks ago there was much todo about a “dating advice book” called “Above the Game“. I won’t rehash it here, but very briefly, there was a very skeazy dating advice book on Kickstarter. There was a huge backlash against it on Twitter and elsewhere. Kickstarter allowed the project, but afterwards hid the names of everyone who purchased it, and then finally added a rule against future dating advice book projects.

So that must be why this project is on IndieGoGo :
 The Bible of Seduction  There is nothing out there like this, its going to be around 600-800 page of pure knowledge of Seduction.
Perhaps wisely, this project, which I think we can safely call a “Copy-cat project”, doesn’t go into much detail about what will be in the 800-page three-book set, but it does give chapter titles, including :

Book-2 Chapter-1: Jerk versus the Nice Guy

Ten bucks says he tells you to be the jerk!

Book-3 Chapter-2. Disrespect

I can’t imagine why this would be a problem!

And my personal favorite :

Book-1 Chapter-1: Educational Knowledge

You know, as opposed to all that knowledge you can’t learn from.

But here’s what really caught my eye :

This is the only reward level in the project.

  1. that “Highest funder gets money back” deal, isn’t that basically gambling? Is that even legal?
  2. 0 out of 1 claimed“?!? Someone clearly doesn’t understand how this is supposed to work.
  3. August 2013? This project doesn’t end until mid-August. There’s no way he’s printing and shipping out books that quickly!

Oh wait. What books?

Maybe this guy isn’t as dumb as I thought.

At no point does he promise to send a book to any contributors.


Wellness Shower Mixer

 Wellness shower mixer - Mixer de soins pour la douche  The ecological revolutionary way to improve your skin and your life! La solution écologique révolutionnaire pour prendre soin de votre peau et de votre vie!

This is basically a Keurig Machine for your shower.

After you’ve made a cup of coffee through the most wasteful process known to man, why not try applying that same process to your shower?

What a wonderful addition to your morning routine!


Think of all the time you’ll save! No longer will you have to keep your skin-care products in a bottle and then rub them all over your body. Science has solved this problem!


They even look like K-Cups!

Clearly somebody saw a Keurig machine and thought “I have got to get on that money-train!”


Ok, The first three I’ve heard of, (“Therapy” through algae, salt, and scents.) and they say that the “Kids Capsules” (No apostrophe?) are filled with bubble-gum scent.

…But what’s in that final capsule? They don’t say.

Ok, fine. How much will it cost me to hose myself down with algae and naughtiness?

Of course, they’re rounding down. €2.50 actually works out to $3.33. Or about $1200 if you shower every day for a year.

A small price to pay to smell like bubble-gum.

Greasy Pole Dock Station


Oh yeah. Time to dock my greasy pole! Oh wait. It’s not that at all.

Have you ever been at a party and needed a place to put down your drink? And your date’s drink? And the drinks of everyone else at the party?

Then you’re in luck. This free-standing cup-holder will let you put down 72 beverages at once!

Also, it plays music. Which I’m sure sounds great and doesn’t just sound like 72 rattling glasses.

Who created this crazy contraption?

This was invented by a lady called CINZIA EMILI. She includes a few autobiographical notes :


Yikes! If dense rectangles of barely coherent all-caps text isn’t a symptom of Internet Crazy-Person Syndrome I don’t know what is.

You can get more sense from a Bronner’s Soap wrapper.

Touch Me, Play Me

TouchmePlayme is not about sex or sexy, it’s not about technology applied to wall decor, it’s not about gimmick …it’s about humor, making you smile, it’s about fun, it’s about a conversation piece. And if my project landing on your wall or anybody else’s wall could accomplish that… my job would be complete!

Ok, Let’s break this down.


  1. is NOT about sex.
  2. is NOT sexy.
  3. is NOT about technology applied to wall decor.
  4. is NOT about gimmick.

Ok. Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s take a look.

(Note : The audio on this video will probably make your coworkers think that you’re watching porno.)

This is a talking poster. When you touch it, it’ll say things like :

“Let your hands slide slowly down my hot body!”

“Yeah! Oh, Yeah!”

“You naughty boy!”

“Kiss me again!”

“Come on, babe. Ready for the grand finale? Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Remember : This is not about sex.
Don't for get to touch me on my ...

Still not about sex.

You will want that poster on your wall this Christmas.
Absolutely! I want to gather the whole family around to watch me touch my poster! I sense the beginnings of a whole new holiday tradition!


Scam Kickstarter Project copy/pastes IndieGoGo projects

A couple of weeks ago I reported that scammers were copying Kickstarter projects and posting them verbatem on IndieGoGo and keeping the procedes.

It looks like this scam works both ways. In this case the IndieGoGo project was the real one, and the Kickstarter project was the fake!

It looks like he was able to alert Kickstarter to the problem and get the fraudulent project canceled.

(The project card to the right is for the real project.)
A post warning others of what I found just an hour ago.     I had a project hosted on Indiegogo of a case for the raspberry pi.     I have just found all my material on Kickstarters website hosted by a user pretending to be me. He claims he is from the Uk, and is taking money under my name. He even has my videos linked.     Due to the seriousness of this, and the fact that it is identity theft I intend making this viral. This could have serious impact to my name and career should the hacker fund the project, and do a run with the funds.     The project name is Raspberry Slice - it can be found archived on the Indiegogo website, and is now currently funding on Kickstarter!!!!     I have posted about it on Kickstarters Facebook page, and also reported it on their site.     This is really, really, not good enough and scary when you think about it. Their screening is obviously terrible, as is their user checks.        Brian Garvey.