Catch a ghost with special paper!

"Ghost Pad" logo.
Fantastic! I love Bill Cosby.

Oh wait.
 GHOST PAD: Have ghosts? Find out with Ghost Pads thermal technology.  Paranormal Investigators and fans. Next time you hear footsteps or feel a cold spot, put down a GHOST PAD and maybe find evidence.

     Hello Paranormal Fans and Investigators. The Ghost Pad is a Multi degree thermal pad. It can change from dark purple to green to yellow to white as the temperature increases and reverse when the temperature gets cooler. The Ghost Pad can be placed side by side to blanket large areas.
The idea that cold-spots can be used to prove that ghosts exist is kind of an exercise in circular logic, but let’s ignore that for now. The TV ghost-hunters use cold-spots, so that must be how you find ghosts!

These are just sheets of paper that change color with the temperature. You may remember this technology from the early 1990s when Hypercolor t-shirts were really cool for about two weeks. (or “totally radical” as we used to say.)

The problem with these sheets of paper are about the same as those stupid shirts. In order to see something cool, you’ve got to press your hand against them for a few seconds. How the heck are you going to get ghosts to do that? Maybe your house is haunted by ghosts who like cheap novelty items?


Of course, I say “cheap”, but actually it’ll set you back $38 for a 17″x12″ sheet of this stuff. And let’s be honest, 17×12 is far too small to catch a ghost unless he’s haunting a doll house, so you’re going to want a bunch of these.

That’ll add up fast. You should have just backed this Kickstarter and gotten yourself a thermal imager that plugs into your iphone for $150!


Air powered Car!

 F2 Power Technologies LLC vehicle engine is powered by free air  Campaign is seeking $100,000 to equip a large SUV with the first proof-of-concept F2 Powertrain System. New vehicles can be powered by free air instead of gas.

This project has a goal to equip a large SUV with the F2 Powertrain System. The system will generate electricity using free air, and will provide unlimited range for the gas-converted SUV without the need to recharge externally. This represents a giant leap forward in transportation technology.

Finally! I’m tired of refueling my car with water. I want a car I never have to refuel!

…But isn’t that completely impossible for about a dozen different reasons?

I have been engineering advanced wind turbine designs for a number of years. With just a 15 mph wind, a utility scale wind turbine generates massive amounts of electricity. Such a turbine provides electricity to about 400 homes. The problem with wind turbines is the wind does not always blow. It occurred to me, eventually, that when a vehicle travels down the road, it creates a wind upon itself- always.

The old ‘windmill on a car’ idea.

I once designed a very similar device. I drew the schematic in crayon.

Remember when you were very young, you thought it was impossible to run out of money because every time you bought something you got money back in change? This invention works on the same theory.

As should be completely obvious to anyone who’s graduated grade school, all “Wind energy” of a moving car is ultimately generated by the car’s engine. Any fool can understand that reclaiming a small portion of the engine’s output could never fully power the engine.

Worse than that, attaching all this wind-harvesting equipment will actually increase weight and air-resistance, making the engine work harder, burning even more energy!

I liked my crayon schematic better.

This delusional innovator thinks that those funnels up front will “Multiply the energy” somehow. They won’t. Sure, the air in the skinny part of the funnel will be going faster, but there’s less of it. You don’t get something for nothing.

The real mystery here is why this guy thinks that funnels are some magical energy source that everybody else has overlooked! If funnels are so great, why don’t all cars have giant funnels on them? Why don’t wind-farms have giant house-sized funnels in front of them? Why is Tom Olsen the first person on the entire planet to realize the magic of funnels?

I have what the big boys apparently don't have.  A simple mind.

Fair enough.


It will replace CDs!

 Revolutionizing how Music Albums are Sold  The Flarian Music Player is an alternative to CDs to sell music albums on. It would allow you to play albums right off the shelf.
The Flarian Music Player is an alternative to CDs to sell music albums on. It would allow you to play albums right off the shelf.

An alternative to CDs? For record stores? What decade are you people living in?

The idea here, believe it or not, is that instead of selling music on CDs, music stores should sell their music on disposable mp3 players.

Since it’s completely impossible to deliver music instantly to my computer or my iPod, this is the next best thing. I’ll just go to the store, and buy a new mp3 player that’s already loaded with the music I want to listen to!

Environmentally Friendly?

They even have the balls to claim it’s “Environmentally Friendly”! Look :
Environmentally-Friendly  The Flarian Music Player is made out of landfill grade post-consumer regrind plastic (i.e. plastic materials that are supposed to end up in landfills). This kind of recycled plastic is very difficult to incorporate in products because it has very poor structural properties. Our very own, Ali Rizvi (co-founder), has developed a technology as a part of his doctoral research that enables the restoration of properties of the plastic, making it suitable for use in the Flarian Music Player, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact.
Because your product contains, one recycled material it’s automatically environmentally friendly? Haha, Yea right!

You’re manufacturing a piece of electronics that nobody needs, packaging it, shipping it from the factory to North America, then from the warehouse to the store, all so the customer can use it once before he copies the mp3s to his iPod and never touches your device again!

It would honestly be ten times better for the environment if you left that “recycled plastic” in a landfill where you found it!

The really insulting part is that they’re smart people (one of them is a PhD candidate), they know full well that “Environmentally Friendly” is a baldfaced lie.


Ok, fine, how much does this “replacement for CDs” cost?
Set of 100 Customized Flarian Music Players - $4,500
$45 a pop, wholesale? Fantastic.


This Island Equestria

The Island of Equestria Project - What if there were a campaign to purchase an island and name it "Equestria"?

In case you were wondering, “Equestria” is the name of the fantasy land where My Little Pony takes place.

Have you ever thought "Hey, it would be really cool if there were an island named 'Equestria' somewhere!"? Well, if you have that's why this campaign is here.
Uhm. … No. I can honestly say I have never thought that.

In addition to naming the island 'Equestria', the goal here is to construct a monument as similar to the one Celestia raised the sun in front of in the "Cutie Mark Chronicles" episode as possible on the island.
(The monument in question is nothing special.)

There’s a lot of jokes I could make about this, but I’m not going to bother. The reality is funnier than anything I could possibly write here.

I just want you to think about this.

This man wants to band together with other adults to purchase an island, and then decorate it to look like the fantasy land from a children’s TV Show.

By this point, you’re probably thinking that he might be doing this for his daughter, or as a business venture to build a theme-park for young children. Nope.

The island will be dedicated entirely to the "Brony" phenomenon, and once it is complete it will be used in every way possible to support the community. As a meeting place, as a getaway, as a convention location. Whatever needs are presented, it will be used to meet as many as possible.

Proving that there is still sanity on the Internet, this project ended having raised only about 1/1000th of its goal.

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic


Bronies for Better Spending (And getting on TV)

 The Brony Thank You Project  Let's run an ad on the Hub thanking all those involved in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for making such a great show!

We plan to produce a 30-second thank-you commercial to run on the Hub.  Because of Federal Trade Commission regulations, we can't actually run it while the show is airing, but we can either run it adjacent to the show or during a high viewership period such as during the Friday Night Family Movie (the top-rated time slot for The Hub)  Depending on how much we can raise, we may be able to air it more than once (for around $12,000, we can get 10 runs during prime time, for example.)  Any left-over funds will be donated to a charity.

And they did it. The ad, and various out-takes and credits are here :

The actual commercial starts about 35 seconds in.

That’s unusual, but where’s the failure?

The “Brony Thank You Project” inspired this amusing spin-off project.
 Bronies for Better Spending  This project aims to match the donations of The Brony Thank You Project, and donate them to a good cause.
While many of us in the brony community do not approve the idea of a pro-brony ad on the Hub network, it is probably too late to stop it now.  The most common argument I hear against the Brony Thank You Project, is that the money they intend to spend on a self-promoting ad spot, could have been used for much greater, less selfish, purposes.  My simple proposal is that we, not only those who are against the Brony Thank You Project, but those who are for it, attempt to match the donated ammount, for charity.

So, how’d they do raising money for charity instead of the promise of getting on TV?

$20 of $2000 goal.

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic


Brony Briefs

Boxer Briefs for Bronies!

Brony boxer briefs. My Little Pony underwear for men.

I enjoy many TV shows, but I have to say it never occurred to me to manufacture special underwear to express my enjoyment of those shows.

Underwear with Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark
So, if Twilight Sparkle was real, you think she’d be happy about a bunch of dudes wearing her emblem on their fat, sweaty asses?

I’m no expert, but I’ll bet that’s the sort of thing a lady unicorn would find really frigging creepy.

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic


Strap & Crap

Strap and Crap : The Strap and Crap™ helps lessen the chance of messin' your pants when participating in outdoor activities.

This lady wanted $12,500 to develop a new way to poop outdoors!

The Strap and Crap™ helps lessen the chance of messin' your pants when participating in outdoor activities.

How does it do this? Let’s take a look at the logo, which is also a helpful diagram!

Strap & Crap logo

Of course. Because the hardest part of being an outdoors-person isn’t the hiking or climbing, it’s the squatting!

I’d like to point out that if you’re in a national forest, you’re required by law to follow proper procedures for disposing of your “crap”. This involves burying it at least 6″ down in most regions, or plastic-bagging it deserts, tundras, or rocky environments. So if you’re using a “Strap & Crap” be sure to work on your aim.

They’ve also got these lovely promotional T-shirts.
Strap & Crap T-Shirt : lessen the chance of messin' your pants

Update :

As of late this February, Strap And Crap has changed it’s name to “Loop N’ Poop”! See their web-page at!

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