Fusion Powered Car

Fusion Powered Car - Fusion is the ultimate green energy source. Cold fusion may be real or not, but now is the time to take a lab curiosity out and road test it.

This nutter wants to make a “Cold Fusion” powered car.

I will be a year constructing and modifying a Model A to run on fusion power.
Wait! What? A Model-A?


Yup! He’s serious! He’s going to convert a 1928 Ford to electric. Then he’s going to build a nuclear powered charger that’s fueled by heavy water. Finally! A water powered car!

 I hope to “trickle charge” some batteries enough to run the car after very long charging times. I am hoping for about 5 Watts of net electrical energy. I am close.
Fun fact : 5 watts is exactly how much power an iPhone charger produces.

this is part 2 since "they" terminateded it early.

Oh oh! “They” are onto you! You’re doomed! “They” always suppress the water powered cars!


Roundup : Minecraft Rip-offs begging for money.

Yesterday I mocked Haxel for being rip-off of the break-out hit game “Minecraft”.

Turns out there are a lot of lazy would-be game designers trying to jump on the “Cubes are easy to program” bandwagon. (And asking for your money to do it!)

I’ll bet these are the same fools who complain that mainstream commercial games are “Too unoriginal“.


The Gamer Comedy that Rage-quits

Pwned! The Gamer Comedy that Gives
(AKA “Pwned! The Ultimate Geek Anthem Film”)

This man needs a mere $250,000 to film a Gamer Comedy. It’s a comedy film by gamers, for gamers!

It contains fresh new gags like this parody of the Star Wars opening scroll :

But this isn’t just a comedy, it also has an important message!

Oh boy. A parody of “gamer life” that also teaches us an important message about bullying.

When the internet didn’t immediately start throwing money at them for this obviously brilliant concept, they changed the name of their project from “The Ultimate Geek Anthem Film” to “The Gamer Comedy that Gives“, and explained that they would give 100% of their profits to charity, including …

When even this didn’t work, they did the only thing they could think of : RAGE-QUIT!

Don’t worry, they’ve relocated to IndieGoGo!
(By the way, that’s not a comb-over, his hair just does that.)