Shoulda called it “Nazi-opoly”

Ignore the image, she just stole it. (In an update she claims she made it special for this project. But in reality it’s been floating around on desktop wallpaper sites since at least 2008.)

How lovely. Everyone loves Monopoly, and everyone loves Hitler! Right? Right?

  Monpoly is such a classic that everyone has played. My goal is to make a German style Nazi History monopoly. Every piece is very unique see how much you really know about German history. Play it with family or use it for an adult party. It's fun and refreshing. Let's make history.
You know … Monopoly isn’t really a trivia game. I’m not sure players “see how much they really know” about the theme. ( I mean, does playing the classic version teach you about Atlantic City? Did you even know it took place in Atlantic City?)

The problem I have encountered was finding real facts about German history alot of articles have been destroyed but I have spent 2 years researching and finally found all the interesting facts needed to complete my project. I'm a full blooded German that just wants to bring my history to life.
Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, but doesn’t it sound like she’s laying the groundwork for some serious holocaust denial?

Maybe that’s unfair. Maybe I shouldn’t make assumptions like that. But what else can I do? These two short paragraphs and a stolen image are all she gives us!

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Arthur redubbed

 Remember the show Arthur? Yeah me too, so I'm going to do the same thing I do with all things I hold dear, destroy it.

   Arthur Abridged is going to be a dubbed version of the children's show Arthur filled with adult themes and language. Each episode will run roughly five minutes with each episode in the actual TV series being abridged. The reason I am kickstarting this is because I need to buy a high quality microphone so I can provide quality voice acting and pay the people I need to voice act as well. I would do it all myself but, that would simply be boring. If you want to wreck your childhood treasures, fund me. I'll make it happen. Hard.
So basically, he’s going to dub over a children’s show with jokes about the characters fucking each other.


This will certainly fill a gap in the Internet’s repertoire of entertainment.

Risks and challenges  The only problem I can see is other voice actors beginning the project and not finishing it. Though problematic, the problem would be dealt with as neatly as possible so that it doesn't impact the series too much. For example, someone voicing D.W. would be replaced with a sound-alike if the other actor quit.

Really? That‘s the only thing you can see wrong with this idea?

This project kindly suggested by commenter “Domingo Hernández”


Equine Ignorance!

 The ponies in the picture are missing something... embroidery! With your help, I can fix that and make my plushes at least 20% cooler.

Here’s another plush unauthorized My Little Pony project! These turn up from time to time. Sorry for not keeping you up to date on all of them, but most of them just aren’t hilarious.

This one’s about what you would expect. Someone wants some money to make a bunch of plushes featuring characters from Hasbro’s telvision show “My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic

So why am I featuring this one? Well this caught my eye. It has a potential to be hilarious.

From the FAQ

 Isn't this breaking copyright law? Won't Hasbro be sending you a cease and desist order?  First of all, "copyright law" deals with directly copying something in a specific medium. I would be breaking copyright law if I took a plush made by Hasbro itself, used that pattern, and made plushes of my own. Since I'm not doing that, no, I'm not breaking copyright law.

No. That’s completely wrong. Copyright also covers “Derivative Works”, which is why you can’t publish your own Harry Potter books, even if you don’t copy a single word from J.K.Rowling. Worse than that, in 1978 the courts ruled (Walt Disney v. The ‘Air Pirates) that characters themselves are copyrighted, and using them in another work is copyright infringement.

So to recap, you’re creating a derivitive work of MLP:FiM, for which they can nail you, also you’re copying several characters, for which they can also nail you.

She goes on for a few paragraphs about how she “may” be violating Hasbro’s trademarks, and then finally ends on this :

So to give you the tl:dr version, no, Hasbro won't be sending me a cease and desist order.
Wanna place a friendly wager on that? Judging from recent other MLP plushies projects, I give you about a 50% odds of lasting long enough to collect the money.


The Plagiarized Photobooks of Prof. Amy Laptad

Amy Laptad Presents : Curiosity Captured gives a deep and unedited look into the uniqueness that surrounds us, compiled within a limited edition photo book.

A college professor named Amy Laptad really wants to publish a book of her photographs, this is the second time she’s run this exact kickstarter after the first one tanked with zero pledges.

Amy Laptad : I find the most peculiar, outlandish and curious places, and then capture them for everyone to enjoy.
Sounds good, let’s take a look!

Wow. A weather-worn teddy bear left at the grave of a child. That’s a very memorable image.

In fact, I do remember it!


Amy Laptad didn’t take that photo at all! She totally stole that from some random lady on Flickr!

Ok, so she stole one photograph, but what about that stunning image of a Ferris wheel completely overtaken by kudzu?

The cover photo is the most important image in a Kickstarter campaign! It’s what shows up in searches and links! It’s what entices kickstarters to learn about your project!

Surely that image must belong to Amy! It would be super dishonest to steal your lead image.
Stolen again! This time from Kyle Telechan (aka “City Eyes”).

There are two other example photos in the project, and as far as I can tell they’re both original. However, they both suck. The exposure is wrong on both of them; one is too dark and the other is too bright! (And one of them is just an ordinary parking lot anyway!)

Amy Laptad : This First Edition Photo-book will include photos of curious sightings I have found along my travels.  The goal is to create a diverse set of photos that grab the viewers attention and most of all, curiosity.
I guess when she says “my travels” she means “my browsing of Flickr”

But we aren’t finished yet!

Amy Laptad -   Join me as I capture scenes within a cruise ship that are often times missed, ignored or unknown.
Last month she tried to kickstart this.
Another book of “her” photographs.

The cover image of the infamous Carnival Triumph is blatantly scanned from a book. I’m pretty sure it’s a tourists’ pamphlet for Halifax.

Up next is this lovely shot of the Disney Dream stolen from Christian Lambert Photography

And finally a photo of three more cruise ships ripped from the blog of Aaron Saunders.

Not one photo in this project page is hers!

How much you want to bet she didn’t ask for permission either?

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MLP Movie – Quest for the Master Key!

 making an animation about the origins of discord! A MLP MOVIE!
This man needed $600 to make an animated movie that “fleshed out the backstory of certain villians in the MLP universe.”

That’s right, he wanted to make a prequel movie to the My Little Pony show.

I don’t even know what to make fun of here!

Should I mock him for …

  • …thinking Hasbro Studios would let him make an MLP movie with their copyright?
  • …believing he could make a movie with a $600 animation budget?
  • …writing his script based on a table-top RPG he played with his friends. (Every night for a year!)
  • …his profile pic? (see below)

john seely - Creator of the would-be MLP Film

Oh well, let’s just look at the rewards.
 Pledge $100 or more  0 backers Limited (5 of 5 left)  have one OC travel and fight with the heroes FOR THE WHOLE FILM, and have two other OC's appear in the background (yes you can have a friends OC in it.) Estimated delivery: Jul 2013
Here, “OC” stands for “Original Character”. So for $100 you could have had a pony you designed (probably based on yourself) inserted into the movie as a side-kick to the heros! (Is $100 out of your price range? For $50 you could have had your character speak “an entire conversation” with the heros, or for $10 your character could have appeared in the background!)

Nothing says “Professional!” like adding random characters to your movie because somebody gave you a hundred bucks.

when i was told about kick-starter i instantly knew i was going to finally get to make my movies!

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic


Busted? – Project Luna

Long-time readers may remember Project Luna.

Unauthorized My Little Pony merchandise

They were selling unlicensed My Little Pony merchandise, but they had nauseatingly smug explanations why it wasn’t really a copyright rip-off. (They pretended that they came up with the character themselves and by total coincidence it happened to be identical to a princess from My Little Pony.)

Today, if you look at that project this is what you see : Moon Plush is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.

Ha-Ha! Taken down by Kickstarter!


I haven’t been able to determine yet if this was a result of a cease and desist from Hasbro, or if Kickstarter acted alone on this. As far as I can tell, no other MLP fan projects have been taken down. Was it just this project’s insufferable smugness that attracted the attention of the Powers That Be?

Does it Matter?

I’m also not sure if this matters at all. After all, the fund-raising ended months ago, the money must have already changed hands, and according to the creator’s blog, the black-market plushes have already been manufactured and will be mailed out to customers by the end of the month.
Luna_07 Luna_08

Still, I find this hilarious even if it’s pretty much an entirely hollow gesture.