Money Gun


This guy was going to manufacture and sell money guns!

I’m allowed to sometimes be sad that a Kickfailure, even a completely ridiculous one, is going to be a failure. And this is one of those times.

This would be a been a great worthless project.

What is a money gun, you ask?

That is a money gun!

That is a fun idea. … but like a lot of fun ideas, I can’t actually think of a situation where I’d really need to use it.

The Money Gun is a fully functional device that can be used for promotions or by people who are just looking to add that extra "wow" factor to their outings. You can use it to attract people to your booth at a convention, use it to promote the start of a race, or use it to add an amazing element to a party.

Man, I am clearly going to the wrong conventions, races, and parties.





What? No. “Vortex Energy” is not a real thing. That’s Stargate SG-1 again. What’s with inventors thinking Stargate is real?

Wow. OK.

You can tell he’s a real scientist because he talks like one. “Microwave oven of radiation” is exactly the sort of highly technical language we expect from the world’s most advanced minds.

Let’s take a look at that picture.


You know what the strangest part of this crompletly real, and not at all retouched photo is? He’s got this amazing anti-grav device, and he’s just using it to tool around in a dreary parking lot in the dark! What a lack of imagination!

Come on, man! You’re supposed to selling this to us! You’re supposed to be getting us all fired up for the exciting things we can do with anti-grav technology!

No wonder nobody is backing this completely real and definitely-not-a-scam project! Your example photograph sucks!

I’ve taken the liberty of suggesting some improvements.



There we go. Much better.

(If anyone else wants to suggest an alternative promotional anti-grav photo, here’s the transparent blank for making your own. If you make one, be sure to put it in the comments section.)