Dodge Bird

Dodge Bird -   An Iphone app, where the aim of the game is to steer the bird away from hitting the windows, and catch the insects!

So here’s another cel-phone game about a bird who has to avoid flying into stuff. Hooray.

Actually, this one looks like it’s not a “Flappy Bird Clone“. At least not an exactly clone.

So the aim of the game is you are controlling this bird, which is flying into the screen through buildings whilst trying to dodge the closed windows and trying to dodge all the objects in the building like chairs and tables etc. At the same time you will be trying to catch bugs, which are you food, and they represent your health. You have to keep eating as well as dodging to stay alive. So it will be a quite tricky game but that's what keeps users interested because its not to easy and its always ongoing!

So, basically you steer a bird around things and pick up bugs. Well, that’s pretty straight-forward.

The art in the cover image is not his (he stole it from @MrSeanG.) so we’re going to need his own work before we put down our money. Helpfully, he’s provided his prototype of the game.

(These appeared in the original article rotated 90° for no reason. I’ve fixed them to go easy on your necks. You’re welcome.)

I dunno. These don’t look that great…


Wait, I will get money? How will I get money.


Ok, look. I know Kickstarter sometimes reads these things before they go up, but they sure as heck didn’t read this one. These kinds of rewards are strictly prohibited by Kickstarter policy, and actually most nation’s laws regulating investments. You can’t make money investing in a Kickstarter project.

Still, $100 Million in profits? Wow, he’s really optimistic! What kind of advertising does he have planned?


He’s got a WAY of advertising that he WILL do, he can assure you of that!

Still, that last sentence seems kind of ominous. I wonder what it means.



I asked the artist who made the bird-with-goggles image if he was involved in this. I think we can all guess what he said, but it’s worth double-checking these things.

WTF, indeed!

Projektor – Because Poor literacy is Kool.

Hey, hey! The blog is telling me that we’ve passed a milestone, and this is my 101th post!
I’m not going to count them myself, I’m just going to assume it’s true!

Hooray! 100 Posts!
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Woo! 100! Let’s hear it for round numbers!

(We now return to our regularly scheduled post about a stupid Kickstarter project.)
Projektor plugs into your mobile devices headphone jack, in order to project your screen onto wherever you wish with limited wires.
This project needs $125,000 to make projectors that plug into the headphone jack of your iphone.

Of course this is impossible for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that the iPhone’s operating system won’t allow you to install that kind driver, and the last time I saw video compressed as audio was the infamous Fisher-Price PXL 2000.

He also claims it’s going to be running off your iPhone’s batteries, which simply isn’t possible through the headphone jack.

But forget all that. Look at this picture. Look at this picture!!
This guy wants us to give him $125,000 and this is the best he could come up with?
It’s just the front half of a flashlight copy/pasted over one of Apple’s publicity photos!

How did he possibly think this piece of crap would be good enough to get him over a hundred grand?!?

Anything you can do I can do better!

This is probably a good time to unveil my own new invention!

That’s right. It’s a coffee maker that connects to your iPad Mini! It’s really useful. You can use the touchscreen to select different types of brew, or how much cream and sugar you want. You can even set it to your alarm, so the coffee is ready when you wake up. The possibilities are endless.

As you can see from the photograph, I already have a working prototype.

I’m going to need $500,000 to develop this, so keep an eye out for my Kickstarter.

Stick an iWorm in your iFace

 iWorm: Posture perfect iPad use  by Jeffrey Gu

iWorm works simply: it suspends a tablet PC or eReader in front of you at the best distance and angle for your eyes. Use it while standing or sitting! How many places can you imagine using this? I can name at least over 9,000!

What we have here is a man so obsessed with iPads that he literally wants to look at one 24/7. He’s tired of looking at the real world, so he wants to view the world through the lens of sweet, comforting technology. He may wander around in technology-induced stupor, bumping into walls and telephone poles, but he’ll always know the latest trending topic on twitter.

You think I’m joking? Before he invented this “iWorm”, this fool tried to raise a third of a million dollars to wallpaper a room with iPads!

A fool with an iPad in front of his face.

Project Disaster : Hanfree iPad Accessory

This one’s a cautionary tale about the risks of Kickstarter. As awesome as it is to be able to “kickstart” new projects and businesses, it’s a sad fact that some projects won’t succeed no matter how hard you kick them. (How’s that for an over-extended metaphor?)

The idea here is pretty straightforward. The Hanfree is a really tall and really flexible iPad stand.

So you can use your iPad as a music stand.

Or you could use your iPad if you’re laying on the couch.

Or, you could use your iPad if, for some reason, you were in your bed, on your hands and knees.

The Kickstarter campaign was a success! They raised $35,004, and were rated one of the Top Ten Kickstarter Projects of 2011 by and a couple of other blogs.

So what went wrong?

Poor math, poor management, and poor money handling.

Basically, the creator, who has the superhero name “Seth Quest”, completely misjudged how much money would be needed to manufacture the item by a factor of about 10x. So when the money ran out he sold his car, and when that money ran out he asked his employees to work for free. Believe it or not, his employees didn’t refuse outright, but they asked for partial ownership of his company in exchange for their free work. He refused, and that was that. Project over. Company bankrupt.

About six months after the campaign ended, posted an update :

As you can imagine, many of his backers pitched a fit. Imagining Kickstarter to be some sort of store or skymall-like catalog, they were astonished and infuriated that the start-up business that they had invested in had failed. (To be fair, Seth Quest did encourage this way of thinking by repeatedly describing the pledges as “pre-orders“.) Check out this classy blog by an angry backer.

Unfortunately, Seth Quest responded to these angry comments in a very sleazy, unprofessional, and possibly even illegal way : By trying to hide! That’s right, he deleted all his email accounts, and even tried to remove his awesome-sounding name from the Kickstarter page!

To make a long story short, (Too late!) several of the Kickstarter backers are now suing Mr Seth Quest, but don’t expect to get much money out of him, since he doesn’t actually have any money.

This story is an import lesson for everyone involved in Kickstarter. Some people just aren’t prepared for the reality of manufacturing a product. If you’re thinking about backing a project, don’t be fooled by a slick prototype, do your research and decide if you trust these people to actually be able to do what they’re claiming! (Or just treat it like a gamble.)

If you’re thinking about starting a project, please do a lot of research, and figure out exactly how much money you’re going to need. Talk to people who have done similar projects and find out about all those expenses you haven’t thought of. It’s good to be confident, but be realistic too. The last thing you want is to spend the next few years hiding from hundreds or even thousands of angry people.