Junk Jeans

Hot Child Junk Jeans - The First Anatomically Designed Jeans With A Man's Junk In Mind.

For guys like me, the hardest part of putting on a pair of pants, obviously, is figuring out where to put my enormous … “junk”. Luckily, Octavio Marc David Silva, a man with too many names, has solved the problem for us.

He has created jeans with a gigantic bulge up-front for our manhood.


Finally, I have room for a couple of rolled up socks. No! I mean my giant penis! Definitely that. Not the rolled up socks.

What do they call this exciting new product?

The Hot Child Junk, Jeans

Woa. Uhm… You, uh, may want to reconsider that name. It’s bad enough to be obsessed with “junk”, but “child junk”?
(Think that comma was just a typo? Nope, they keep doing that.)

Other Products for 2014

They’ve also given us sneak peaks of a couple of products they’re still working on. These could be just what you need if you’re a medieval cultist or an extra on Deep Space Nine:
junk_06 junk_07