Fake cardboard box.


Is your child too stupid to make a fort out of a cardboard box? Buy him or her this $50 kit!

We've found that so many of the latest toys come with a set of instructions or one "right way to play," limiting creativity and innovation. Defining your own play is a scary and unfamiliar activity, and it's even more daunting on a large scale -- unless it's in the form of a fort. But forts use up all of the furniture, consume the entire living room, and stay there for weeks.

Am I the only one who sees the contradiction here? Oh no! There are too many single-play-style toys on the market?

What’s the solution?

Take an activity that kids have been doing on their own since time immemorial, and give them a pre-manufactured kit designed specifically for that and nothing else!!

Your kid can even draw on it! … in the small specially designated drawing square, specifically designed by adults to be drawn on by children.


I guess a real cardboard box might have some dirt on it or something. Can’t take that risk.