You are not Ironman


Ever wanted to free your hands from that bulky flashlight! Well now you can! With lumiglove you can do anything while your lighting the way! It's using a light while you can still use your hands. Now it may look like something out of Iron Man but I can assure you its not

What an interesting thought. Did you actually try that?

Because it looks to me that if I do anything other than hold my hand extended in front of me like I’m a deranged Jedi Knight, I won’t be able to see where I’m going. Certainly I wouldn’t be able to hold a tool in my right hand, and still expect to see what I’m doing! (‘s OK, though. I’m lefty.)

Now it may look like something out of Iron Man but I can assure you its not (maybe even cooler).
No … I don’t think so.


Natural Artificial Flowers

A flower holder that greets you at every corner. Turn on the light and meet your beautiful decoration.

You’re going to add a “Touch of Nature” to your house with a plastic flower?

Seriously? That’s like something someone would say in a cartoon about environmentalism, like Wall-e or The Planeteers!

Fiore is an artificial flower holder that transforms a light switch into a fun decoration. Beautiful flowers will greet you every time when you enter a room. Wherever there is a light switch, Fiore can bring joy and liveliness into that place.

Oh, That’s absolutely brilliant! Stop me from knocking over the flower by hanging it where I put my hand when it’s too dark to see!