Edible Lollipop Stick

The Edibel Lolipop - Kickstarter

Edible lolipop stick? What a strange idea, what’s that all about?

That's right! For the first time ever you can eat the stick of your lollipop! The stick can be any flavor and made into any color. The stick is made out of a candy interior coated with a hard candy material found on other types of candy. This coating prevents sticky hands and melting while holding it.

But … I don’t want to eat the stick. The whole point of the stick is that the candy doesn’t ever touch your hands. If I want to just hold candy in my hands, there’s plenty of non-lollipop candies I can eat, so I don’t really see the big innovation here.

Risks and challenges  There isn’t much risk involved. As an inventor I have been facing challenges and thinking outside the box to deal with those challenges for as long as I can remember. I'm excited to get the lollipop stick into everyone's tummy! Screenshot_4 Oh, this isn’t a good sign. Any time someone uses the word “Inventor” as though it was a job title it’s usually a good sign they don’t understand how the process of invention really works.

But how can that be? How can he be ignorant of how invention works? This invention is patented. In fact, most of the Kickstarter page is just a copy/paste from that patent. (Which is also worrying. How’s he going to run a business if he doesn’t understand the difference between a patent and a marketing pitch?)

A commenter solves the mystery for us :
Have you patented this? Because unless your name is Pak Nin Chan it seems this was invented in 1991 - http://www.google.com/patents/US6177110 .

That’s right, this invention’s patent, the patent he was actually quoting in his Kickstarter pitch, was invented by an inventor named Pak Nin Chan, and owned by a Hong Kong company called “Candy Novelty Works Ltd.”. Mr Chan has invented a number of interesting looking novelty candies, some of them a bit on the dumb side, but a lot of them look fun and are probably money makers.

… But I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the doughy white guy we see in the video isn’t Mr Chan.

Who is this chancer?

Who is this “Ronnie” idiot who not only thinks it’s ok to steal someone else’s idea, but thinks it’s a good idea to actually quote the actual patent, proving that he didn’t steal it by accident?

OMG! It’s the Living Dinosaurs guy! I covered him back on the first week of this blog!

It’s like meeting an old friend again. Keep up the good work, Ronnie.

Thanks to reader Dario V. for making sure I didn’t miss this one!