The Liquid Metal

Melt a metal with your hand!
This man has discovered a metal named “gallium”. Which sounds impressive, but it couldn’t have been all that hard to discover, since gallium has been sitting right there on the periodic table since 1871.

One of the neat things about gallium is that its melting point is about 85°F (30°C). So it melts as easily as butter. It’s also non-toxic so, unlike mercury, it’s safe to play with.

The problem with metals is that they are very expensive, so now i need your help! With your contribution i can buy other metals and study their characteristics and also make amazing experiments.
This is his entire project. He wants to buy a bunch of metals to play with.

I’m sorry, did I say “play with”? I meant “study their characteristics”. This man is clearly a serious scientist.

What do we get?

All his rewards are for “Lego bricks” made of gallium.

They’re not real, functional legos, though. Partially because they’re made with a novelty ice-cube tray and won’t have holes in the bottom, but mostly because they’re made of gallium! Gallium melts on a warm summer day!

Even if it doesn’t melt in the mail (it will), the whole reason you’d want some gallium is to have fun melting it! So who cares if it comes in lego shape?

Of course, what he’s hoping you won’t realize is that gallium isn’t hard to get. Anyone can just order it from a chemical supply catalog. Or even Amazon.

Be sure to “study its characteristics” and not just play with it!