Equine Ignorance!

 The ponies in the picture are missing something... embroidery! With your help, I can fix that and make my plushes at least 20% cooler.

Here’s another plush unauthorized My Little Pony project! These turn up from time to time. Sorry for not keeping you up to date on all of them, but most of them just aren’t hilarious.

This one’s about what you would expect. Someone wants some money to make a bunch of plushes featuring characters from Hasbro’s telvision show “My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic

So why am I featuring this one? Well this caught my eye. It has a potential to be hilarious.

From the FAQ

 Isn't this breaking copyright law? Won't Hasbro be sending you a cease and desist order?  First of all, "copyright law" deals with directly copying something in a specific medium. I would be breaking copyright law if I took a plush made by Hasbro itself, used that pattern, and made plushes of my own. Since I'm not doing that, no, I'm not breaking copyright law.

No. That’s completely wrong. Copyright also covers “Derivative Works”, which is why you can’t publish your own Harry Potter books, even if you don’t copy a single word from J.K.Rowling. Worse than that, in 1978 the courts ruled (Walt Disney v. The ‘Air Pirates) that characters themselves are copyrighted, and using them in another work is copyright infringement.

So to recap, you’re creating a derivitive work of MLP:FiM, for which they can nail you, also you’re copying several characters, for which they can also nail you.

She goes on for a few paragraphs about how she “may” be violating Hasbro’s trademarks, and then finally ends on this :

So to give you the tl:dr version, no, Hasbro won't be sending me a cease and desist order.
Wanna place a friendly wager on that? Judging from recent other MLP plushies projects, I give you about a 50% odds of lasting long enough to collect the money.

This Island Equestria

The Island of Equestria Project - What if there were a campaign to purchase an island and name it "Equestria"?

In case you were wondering, “Equestria” is the name of the fantasy land where My Little Pony takes place.

Have you ever thought "Hey, it would be really cool if there were an island named 'Equestria' somewhere!"? Well, if you have that's why this campaign is here.
Uhm. … No. I can honestly say I have never thought that.

In addition to naming the island 'Equestria', the goal here is to construct a monument as similar to the one Celestia raised the sun in front of in the "Cutie Mark Chronicles" episode as possible on the island.
(The monument in question is nothing special.)

There’s a lot of jokes I could make about this, but I’m not going to bother. The reality is funnier than anything I could possibly write here.

I just want you to think about this.

This man wants to band together with other adults to purchase an island, and then decorate it to look like the fantasy land from a children’s TV Show.

By this point, you’re probably thinking that he might be doing this for his daughter, or as a business venture to build a theme-park for young children. Nope.

The island will be dedicated entirely to the "Brony" phenomenon, and once it is complete it will be used in every way possible to support the community. As a meeting place, as a getaway, as a convention location. Whatever needs are presented, it will be used to meet as many as possible.

Proving that there is still sanity on the Internet, this project ended having raised only about 1/1000th of its goal.

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic

Bronies for Better Spending (And getting on TV)

 The Brony Thank You Project  Let's run an ad on the Hub thanking all those involved in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for making such a great show!

We plan to produce a 30-second thank-you commercial to run on the Hub.  Because of Federal Trade Commission regulations, we can't actually run it while the show is airing, but we can either run it adjacent to the show or during a high viewership period such as during the Friday Night Family Movie (the top-rated time slot for The Hub)  Depending on how much we can raise, we may be able to air it more than once (for around $12,000, we can get 10 runs during prime time, for example.)  Any left-over funds will be donated to a charity.

And they did it. The ad, and various out-takes and credits are here :

The actual commercial starts about 35 seconds in.

That’s unusual, but where’s the failure?

The “Brony Thank You Project” inspired this amusing spin-off project.
 Bronies for Better Spending  This project aims to match the donations of The Brony Thank You Project, and donate them to a good cause.
While many of us in the brony community do not approve the idea of a pro-brony ad on the Hub network, it is probably too late to stop it now.  The most common argument I hear against the Brony Thank You Project, is that the money they intend to spend on a self-promoting ad spot, could have been used for much greater, less selfish, purposes.  My simple proposal is that we, not only those who are against the Brony Thank You Project, but those who are for it, attempt to match the donated ammount, for charity.

So, how’d they do raising money for charity instead of the promise of getting on TV?

$20 of $2000 goal.

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic

My Little Numismatist

Pony ‘Stained Glass’ Collectble Coins

Akili-Amethyst coin : Celestia Akili-Amethyst's coin : Luna

The pony coin collecting crazy started when artist Akili Amethyst sold these on Kickstarter.

That’s not a failure. That’s a success. Ponies aside, this is what Kickstarter is for : talented artists getting the money they need to share their art with the masses.

Sadly, Kickstarter has removed all of Akili’s coin projects for copyright reasons.

That didn’t stop the copy-cat projects, though! Nothing can stop copy-cat projects!

Coins of Harmony – Six Collectable Pony Coins I

Coin of Harmony - Twilight Sparkle
Believe it or not, They actually wanted the same amount of money for this coin as Akili got for her coins!

I don’t even think it would work as a coin design, is her hair painted white or is it just extra-shiny somehow?

They “designed” six of these coins, one for each main character of the show.

This project failed.

Coins of Harmony – Six Collectible Pony Coins II

Coins of Harmony 2 - Twilight Sparkle
So they tried again!

To be honest, this new design is still pretty crumby. They just took the old design and added those gems in the background on the reverse.

But what do I know? This project has 12 days left and needs less than $200 more in pledges.

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic

MLP Movie – Quest for the Master Key!

 making an animation about the origins of discord! A MLP MOVIE!
This man needed $600 to make an animated movie that “fleshed out the backstory of certain villians in the MLP universe.”

That’s right, he wanted to make a prequel movie to the My Little Pony show.

I don’t even know what to make fun of here!

Should I mock him for …

  • …thinking Hasbro Studios would let him make an MLP movie with their copyright?
  • …believing he could make a movie with a $600 animation budget?
  • …writing his script based on a table-top RPG he played with his friends. (Every night for a year!)
  • …his profile pic? (see below)

john seely - Creator of the would-be MLP Film

Oh well, let’s just look at the rewards.
 Pledge $100 or more  0 backers Limited (5 of 5 left)  have one OC travel and fight with the heroes FOR THE WHOLE FILM, and have two other OC's appear in the background (yes you can have a friends OC in it.) Estimated delivery: Jul 2013
Here, “OC” stands for “Original Character”. So for $100 you could have had a pony you designed (probably based on yourself) inserted into the movie as a side-kick to the heros! (Is $100 out of your price range? For $50 you could have had your character speak “an entire conversation” with the heros, or for $10 your character could have appeared in the background!)

Nothing says “Professional!” like adding random characters to your movie because somebody gave you a hundred bucks.

when i was told about kick-starter i instantly knew i was going to finally get to make my movies!

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic

Brony Briefs

Boxer Briefs for Bronies!

Brony boxer briefs. My Little Pony underwear for men.

I enjoy many TV shows, but I have to say it never occurred to me to manufacture special underwear to express my enjoyment of those shows.

Underwear with Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark
So, if Twilight Sparkle was real, you think she’d be happy about a bunch of dudes wearing her emblem on their fat, sweaty asses?

I’m no expert, but I’ll bet that’s the sort of thing a lady unicorn would find really frigging creepy.

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic