Money Gun


This guy was going to manufacture and sell money guns!

I’m allowed to sometimes be sad that a Kickfailure, even a completely ridiculous one, is going to be a failure. And this is one of those times.

This would be a been a great worthless project.

What is a money gun, you ask?

That is a money gun!

That is a fun idea. … but like a lot of fun ideas, I can’t actually think of a situation where I’d really need to use it.

The Money Gun is a fully functional device that can be used for promotions or by people who are just looking to add that extra "wow" factor to their outings. You can use it to attract people to your booth at a convention, use it to promote the start of a race, or use it to add an amazing element to a party.

Man, I am clearly going to the wrong conventions, races, and parties.

I need a new wallet.

Take a look at my wallet :
My Wallet

See that? My wallet is falling apart!

Worse, it’s like a phone book : Old-fashioned and too damn thick.

I wonder if anyone on Kickstarter has invented a “Minimalist” wallet? Maybe something that would attach to my phone?

(Click image to view project cards.)
wallets_01           wallets_02            wallets_03
wallets_04          wallets_05
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…OK then.

Let’s call that “innovation”.


I don’t believe it! Since I posted this article yesterday, four more “minimalist wallets” have been posted to Kickstarter!


We’ve got enough minimalist wallets, already!!!!

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It’s the Internet version of an idea we all had when we were five.


Oh yea? How’s that going, champ?


Haha. Oh well. Too bad. He still has 20 days to go, though. Maybe he’ll get lucky.

If only there was something I could do to help.


Well, I dunno. He does say that “much of all monies received will be donated to charities”. I don’t know how much is “much”, but maybe this is a good cause. What charities are involved?


Right. The money would go right into your pocket, wouldn’t it?