Night of the Living Plagiarists


Ok. New Movie. “Night of the Walking Dead”. To be honest, it sounds like he just took two separate titles (Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead and Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead“) and jammed them together. Would that be plagiarism? Probably not. Lot’s of people rip off names, doesn’t mean anything.


An odd thing to notice about this campaign is that he capped the pledges at 500 at the $60 level, and 1000 at the $20 level, which is an interesting choice for a project with a $200,000 goal.

Now, there’s no video, but that image looks cool! To bad it’s actually an old desktop wallpaper that’s been floating around the Internet since at least 2011. Well, still … maybe he’s the guy who painted it back in 2011, or whenever. I guess we can’t prove he’s a plagiarist.

  I plan to have the next best indie zombie flim  looking to flim it this summer  got a great location to make the flim,asking 50,000 to get the cameras and equipment to film it  another 80,000 for the permits and to shoot on location   then the rest for props and staff

Huh. Between the basic math errors, and the plagiarism I’m starting to suspect that this guy isn’t really a professional filmmaker. Maybe we should check out his web-page.


Hey, wow. His website starts with a YouTube clip of really profesionally photographed and well written scene from a zombie movie! I’m impressed!

…Or at least, I would be impressed, if I hadn’t seen “Shaun of the Dead“, the movie that scene is really from.


Here’s a fun game. Where are these three “Movie posters” from? The first one is from that wallpaper I mentioned above. Can anyone identify where the other two come from?

Recomended by reader and zombie expert Ross Wolfe


I ain’t afraid of ’em.


These people need £400 to film a documentary about ghosts in England. The video attached to the project is just one minute and thirty-six seconds of a garden path as seen through a photo-negative filter. Spooky? Not really, but maybe it’s the best they can do without that £400 they need.

I wonder how much £400 is in US money?

400 British Pound Sterling equals 666.04 US Dollar

Woah! Now we know ghosts are involved!

  Ghost hunters is going to be a documentry series focasing on the haunted history of the south west and investigating various locations.
We are  looking  for  funds to purchase technical gear and video cams to allow us to complete our documentery.

Oh yeah, you can tell these guys are pros. All they need is some “technical gear” and they’re good to go.

We have got permission to film in various locations but what we need is some backing for the tech gear (Cama, DVRs and video editing hardware)
That’s the ticket. I don’t know what a “Cama” is, but it must be cheap because between the DVR and the “editing hardware” (An iMac) they’re not going to have much left over of that £400.

That’s all good, but tell us about the film.

We will be doing filming and night time investigations in some of the most haunted places in south west england, We feel this is a unquie  and intresting documertery about the south west of england ghosts and ghouls.


unquie  and intresting documertery


unquie  and intresting documertery


The Time Travel Experiment

“The idea of the time travel experiment is simply using notes to contact the future.”

Time Travel Experiment - Documenting efforts to contact the future using "notes" made of stone and steel etc. Asking time travelers to visit a specific time

The idea behind this project is to “Send messages to the future” by carving a date and GPS coordinates into rocks or metal plates, and leaving them to be found by future archeologists. That way when time travel is invented, time travelers will all go back to that point in time to see what the fuss was about.

Then he can film the time travelers and make a documentary about them.

The Time Travel Experiment is a simple concept.  Suppose we invented time travel and could go any time and place we chose.  Then we found ancient stones asking future time travelers to visit September 5, 157 AD in the main square in Athens, Greece... wouldn't we be very tempted to go there?

I wonder if there’s a way I could carve this blog post into a stone so that time travelers would know not to bother.


MLP Movie – Quest for the Master Key!

 making an animation about the origins of discord! A MLP MOVIE!
This man needed $600 to make an animated movie that “fleshed out the backstory of certain villians in the MLP universe.”

That’s right, he wanted to make a prequel movie to the My Little Pony show.

I don’t even know what to make fun of here!

Should I mock him for …

  • …thinking Hasbro Studios would let him make an MLP movie with their copyright?
  • …believing he could make a movie with a $600 animation budget?
  • …writing his script based on a table-top RPG he played with his friends. (Every night for a year!)
  • …his profile pic? (see below)

john seely - Creator of the would-be MLP Film

Oh well, let’s just look at the rewards.
 Pledge $100 or more  0 backers Limited (5 of 5 left)  have one OC travel and fight with the heroes FOR THE WHOLE FILM, and have two other OC's appear in the background (yes you can have a friends OC in it.) Estimated delivery: Jul 2013
Here, “OC” stands for “Original Character”. So for $100 you could have had a pony you designed (probably based on yourself) inserted into the movie as a side-kick to the heros! (Is $100 out of your price range? For $50 you could have had your character speak “an entire conversation” with the heros, or for $10 your character could have appeared in the background!)

Nothing says “Professional!” like adding random characters to your movie because somebody gave you a hundred bucks.

when i was told about kick-starter i instantly knew i was going to finally get to make my movies!

Brony Week ~ Failure is Magic


2012 Apocalypse Survival Guide Failures

By the time this post goes live, civilization will presumably have ended.

Feeling lost? Not sure how to cope? You should have backed this project :
$2012 needed to take our 2012 Survival Guide to print! -- A Failure By (By the way, notice that this project is by an outfit called “”, but they still only got 13 backers!)

The rest of the “survival guides” on Kickstarter were for a very specific (and entirely fictional) type of disaster :

TACTICAL SURVIVAL GUIDE: For a Zombie Apocalypse

Too “Serious”. Can I get something for the common man?

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse - The how-to guide for the common man.

And the ladies?

A Girls Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

How to weaponize your bra!         And   What to do about that pesky period thing?

And, of course :
A Douchebag's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse



Long Long Ago, in the Future.

This delightful project is a sci-fi movie about how evil forces led by “Lord Savior” are conspiring to suppress the scientific truth about Darwinism. I’m sure it’s well written and not preachy at all.

What a fun gimmick! Instead of filming your own movie, just dub over someone else’s movie!

“Live peaceful”? I wonder why she said that so awkwardly.

Oh. I’m sure that won’t result in any weird or unnatural dialog.

I’m sure Lucasfilm, now owned by Disney, will have absolutely no problem with this guy dubbing over their movie with horrible dialog and then selling DVDs.


Girls with Spotlights on Planet Nubia


Major Tom needs $20,000 to shoot a short film. Basically, as far as I can tell, this is a film about a girl in a motercycle helmet pointing a spotlight at things, while the editor presses every single button on his video toaster.

Yea, I hear that movies about girls in motorcycle helmets do really well at Sundance.

In addition to the Kickstarter video, he’s also produced this teaser : (Click to download the .wmv file.)
Notice how you can still see the wrinkles in the green-screen. That’s some quality editing right there.