Digital Ditties for Doggies.

Yes! Finally!

Is your cat or dog stressed out? Either by loud noises, or just by the crushing ennui of having the instincts of a predator in a comfy suburban home? No problem! Play that domesticated beast some soothing tunes!


Oh, good point. If my cat tuned the stereo to the Country station, I’d probably have him put down.

He’s going to need his own 4gb mp3 player!

For the, admittedly quite reasonable, price of $98, you can get fluffy his own mp3 player that he (or his owner) can load up with the mp3s that he likes. Hours of non-stop doggy music, without bothering his human owners!

Rock on, pooch! Rock on.


I love free publicity.

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Just a quick note.

Big thanks to the RandomCrap Podcast for mentioning my humble blog in their discussion of this ridiculous project!

(Some language NSFW.)

My favorite part is when they do a dramatic reading of the blog post!


It will replace CDs!

 Revolutionizing how Music Albums are Sold  The Flarian Music Player is an alternative to CDs to sell music albums on. It would allow you to play albums right off the shelf.
The Flarian Music Player is an alternative to CDs to sell music albums on. It would allow you to play albums right off the shelf.

An alternative to CDs? For record stores? What decade are you people living in?

The idea here, believe it or not, is that instead of selling music on CDs, music stores should sell their music on disposable mp3 players.

Since it’s completely impossible to deliver music instantly to my computer or my iPod, this is the next best thing. I’ll just go to the store, and buy a new mp3 player that’s already loaded with the music I want to listen to!

Environmentally Friendly?

They even have the balls to claim it’s “Environmentally Friendly”! Look :
Environmentally-Friendly  The Flarian Music Player is made out of landfill grade post-consumer regrind plastic (i.e. plastic materials that are supposed to end up in landfills). This kind of recycled plastic is very difficult to incorporate in products because it has very poor structural properties. Our very own, Ali Rizvi (co-founder), has developed a technology as a part of his doctoral research that enables the restoration of properties of the plastic, making it suitable for use in the Flarian Music Player, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact.
Because your product contains, one recycled material it’s automatically environmentally friendly? Haha, Yea right!

You’re manufacturing a piece of electronics that nobody needs, packaging it, shipping it from the factory to North America, then from the warehouse to the store, all so the customer can use it once before he copies the mp3s to his iPod and never touches your device again!

It would honestly be ten times better for the environment if you left that “recycled plastic” in a landfill where you found it!

The really insulting part is that they’re smart people (one of them is a PhD candidate), they know full well that “Environmentally Friendly” is a baldfaced lie.


Ok, fine, how much does this “replacement for CDs” cost?
Set of 100 Customized Flarian Music Players - $4,500
$45 a pop, wholesale? Fantastic.