Gravel and Rocks

Fill My Studio with Gravel and Come Visit

He just wants to fill his studio with rocks? There’s got to be more to it than that!

My new project "Fill My Studio with Gravel and Come Visit" I am transforming my artist studio into a social space.  Collaborating with an Interior Architect to re-design my studio filling the space with gravel is one major component to draw and keep people hanging out in my studio. Other plans for the space include a wrap around countertop and bench, a concrete modern couch, a boulder Eames chair, a modular building block system that allows us to construct and deconstruct walls, tables, beds, chairs, platforms and pedestals.  The entire environment is inspired by bar lounge and outdoor patio environments with a design studio flair.  This spatial intervention will last for 1 year, as I continue to produce projects (as usual) from my studio, but now under the influence of 8000 lbs of grey pea gravel and tons of people hanging out.

Oh, I see! He wants to convert his studio to a lounge! He wants a place to hang out with his friends, and he wants us to pay for it!

What a great scam.

What kind of artist is this guy, anyway?

As an artist my work is site-specific. I am always disrupting other peoples environments in attempts to expose the potential for space to influence how we think.
I imagine his business cards say “Nate Page — Professional Asshole”.

So, if you help this professional asshole build himself a private bar, what do you get in return?


You get a rock.

Update (Sept 8, 2013) :
Look at that! With less than 24 hours to go, somebody pledged exactly what he needed to make his goal and keep all the money. This generous benefactor didn’t even choose a reward!

How nice, and not suspicious at all.

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