Shoulda called it “Nazi-opoly”

Ignore the image, she just stole it. (In an update she claims she made it special for this project. But in reality it’s been floating around on desktop wallpaper sites since at least 2008.)

How lovely. Everyone loves Monopoly, and everyone loves Hitler! Right? Right?

  Monpoly is such a classic that everyone has played. My goal is to make a German style Nazi History monopoly. Every piece is very unique see how much you really know about German history. Play it with family or use it for an adult party. It's fun and refreshing. Let's make history.
You know … Monopoly isn’t really a trivia game. I’m not sure players “see how much they really know” about the theme. ( I mean, does playing the classic version teach you about Atlantic City? Did you even know it took place in Atlantic City?)

The problem I have encountered was finding real facts about German history alot of articles have been destroyed but I have spent 2 years researching and finally found all the interesting facts needed to complete my project. I'm a full blooded German that just wants to bring my history to life.
Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, but doesn’t it sound like she’s laying the groundwork for some serious holocaust denial?

Maybe that’s unfair. Maybe I shouldn’t make assumptions like that. But what else can I do? These two short paragraphs and a stolen image are all she gives us!

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