Roto Phone Mount

 ROTO / New, intriguing, centre of steering wheel, vertical always, Universal, Solution to handling phone in car! Direct line of sight.

Thanks to Twitter user @DavidCattermole, for pointing out this allegedly “Intriguing” project.

The Roto phone holder was an idea that i have been working on for just over a year. its a platform you can put any small to medium sized appliance of information for the vehicle. I pulled apart and incorporated other phone holders and made it to stay vertical to form the Roto, as the residual patent only last's a year i need to do something with it, so i have created a business named IDEINS which means "To See"
“Appliance of information”? You mean a smart phone, right?
The “intriging” idea here is that because it’s mounted on the one part of your car that is constantly rotating, they’ve installed a swivel joint to keep it more-or-less vertical.

But why? Why would you want your phone vertical while you’re driving? Navigation apps work better horizontal. “Auto Mode” interfaces are almost universally horizontal. Even the mp3 player works fine horizontal. I have to assume this is for texting while driving.

Vertical Video Or maybe not. Maybe the designer just has a fetish for vertical phones. He actually filmed the project video in vertical format!
(Don’t do this. Even when you’re viewing them on a phone vertical videos are claustrophobic, like peaking through a keyhole, and on Kickstarter’s website they’re downright ugly and extremely unprofessional.)

Risks and challenges  The only thing i have come upon is the situation of the air-bag. i believe i have addressed this, with a clause on the packaging that states "Not suitable for airbags".

Basically, the only risk in this project is that it’ll drive your phone into your face at hundreds miles per hour, shattering your skull, and forcing your nose up into your brain.

Don’t worry, though. He’s got it covered. He’s going to put a warning label on the package.


What *IS* this?

What's This --  Ever had a spider in your house and wanted to know if it was poisionis or what kind it was? Introducing the photo reconition app,

So it’s like Google Goggles? For spiders?

This started out with me and a friend playing with a medal detector. We kept digging objects out of the ground that we could not identify. So we thought wouldn't it be great to have a phone app that could tell us what these unidentified objects were. So here I am trying to make that happen. Have the drive and ambition to get this done but am lacking  funds . This app will be able to take a picture and then identify the object in that picture with name and other information

So it’s like Google Goggles for everything, and about a thousand times better than anything Google has been able to manage.

That seems … pretty impossible.

Risks and challenges  Only thing I have run into thus far is the copy write for the name What's This . But I am currently working on a solution for the problem
That’s it? That’s the only risk you can think of for this impossible, Even-Google-Can’t-Do-It project? Really?

Aww why am I picking on this kid?

Sometimes I feel mean about picking on projects that are so clearly written by some twelve year old who doesn’t understand how the world works yet.

 mike orlik  Foley, AL  I am a 30 yr. old Maintenance supervisor. I have a wife and 6 kids. I like camping, hiking, pool, outdoors etc..



Stay Classy Tiny Periscope


He’s a little mirror that clips onto your smart phone’s camera. Like a tiny periscope.

As someone who has fond memories of my father’s antique reflex cameras and is also a little shy about taking pictures, I think this is a great idea. It’s a great way to get more casual candid shots of your friends and family, and it’ll allow you to hold your camera phone at a more natural angle, so you don’t look like a phone zombie.

I know what you’re thinking…

Sure, we can all think of less-than-honorable uses for this little gizmo, but these people are trying to run a business. I’m sure they’re going to appeal to people’s better nature and promote this as nothing more untoward than a tool for creating art.

Sample photographs

Uhm, sure. Look. Young love. That can be artistic.

I’m sure that lady isn’t just going to gossip about that photo on Facebook. She’s probably going to display it proudly at her next gallery appearance.

Well… Hmmm…. Ok, I can only assume that this gentleman was taking some architectural photographs of that lovely cafe when the waitress accidentally walked in-shot. What a shame. I’m sure she ruined a wonderful photograph.



Strap a phone to your Face.

This is really weird. These two projects launched within four hours of each-other!

I guess it’s all part of the fast-moving Kickstarter zeitgeist. Now is the time to stick a phone on your face! A week ago it would have seemed absurd, and a week hence it will seem cliched and old-fashioned.

360Specs launched a mere four hours and seven minutes after vrAse, and as of this writing it’s already fallen well behind! So take from that whatever lesson you can.


Thought Phones! Or maybe not?

Let me take you backstage a moment and explain how I prepare these posts.

When I find a project that makes me giggle, I take a screenshot of it, and then I bookmark it. Later, when I prepare the post for this blog, I work from that screenshot, but I also check out the page again to see if I missed anything.

So imagine my surprise that this crazy project had completely changed!

Two Weeks Ago :

TARC - The first thought phone

Now :

Tarc - The first free energy thought magnifier

Apparently, project creator Paris Tosen was forced to change the name and purpose of his product when his beta testers complained that they couldn’t place thought-calls on their thought-phones.

That is a real thing that I am not making up.
Therefore, I am going to revise the Tarc into a device that magnifies, accentuates, and modulates thought energy, since this remains a consistent theme in the feedback from the testers.
I think he means “My device does absolutely nothing at all, so I need to revise its description to something that can’t be proved one way or the other.

This is not me telling them what to do.
But that’s your job! You’re the inventor!

Come on, we all know that a thought-phone or even a thought amplifier is complete nonsense!
Oh! I guess he put me in my place!

Let’s carry on, then.

Until two weeks ago it could send and receive messages of love from friends and family, but I guess the receiver circuits still need some work.
(It could also “Send and receive emergency messages to any person in the world“. Which strikes me as the sort of thing his lawyer probably told him to take off the list.)

Two Weeks Ago :

The TARC is designed with Stelan technology (ie interdimensional science), advanced ideas that have been adapted to suit human needs.

Now :

The TARC is designed with a crystalline architecture, advanced ideas that have been adapted to suit human needs. Human DNA is also crystalline based.

Wait, “Stelan Technology”? Yes. Two weeks ago he was all about the “Stelan Technology”, now he doesn’t mention it once!

What is he trying to cover up?

Turns out that “Stelans” are aliens living on Earth! Paris Tosen apparently has a degree in “modern Human-Stelan relations”, and runs the Office of Stelan Affairs.

I can’t imagine why Paris Tosen would try to cover up his expertise in this exciting field!

In fact, he’s an expert in many fields! He’s written a number of books.

Truly a remarkable person.

See for yourself

My Screenshot of the original project is here.
The current “Tarc” project is here.

See Also :


The phone’s dead! It’s leaking.

A Kickstarter pledge is halfway between a gamble and an investment. It’s vitally important that you trust the people running the project, and that you trust their ability to run a business.

Which is why it was probably a mistake to start this video with an anecdote about having to ask your mommy to pay your fine for underage drinking.


Project Disaster : i+Case

This project was for a stylish new bumper case for the iPhone 4. The i+Case consists of a solid aluminum band that covers the edges of your iPhone 4, both making it look cool, and protecting it from those devastating side-impact drops.

So what’s the problem? Why has this cool and popular product wound up on this site? Well, unfortunately the team behind i+Case, forgot about one of the iPhone4’s unusual design features.

The more famous of Apple’s founding Steves explains the iPhone 4’s unique antenna.

If you’ve ever been to a science museum you’ve probably seen the demonstration where they lock a pretty girl in a cage and fire lightning bolts at her. I don’t know what this proves, but wrapping an antenna in a piece of aluminum has basically the same effect.

That’s right, this stylish aluminum case blocks radio signals!

Only a few days after shipping, in mid December, users started reporting problems :

Shortly after, the creators of the i+Case posted an update explaining all the hard work they had done to try to make the case function properly. Ultimately, though, they were forced to admit that none of their hard work had actually fixed the problem.

By January, the European customers started to complain that they hadn’t received theirs yet, while American customers were asking how to return theirs!

The i+Case team made an announcement :

And that’s that. As far as I can tell they’re not offering any option for refunds for their dissatisfied customers, and let me tell you, they have a lot of dissatisfied customers.

A small sample of the comments about the i+Case

On the bright side, this Kickstarter project did successfully kick-start a business! So if you want one of these marvelous cases. (For example, as a paperweight, or an oversized key-fob.) You can buy one from their online store!

Check out the lovely disclamer they want you to agree to before you even view their website!