Edible Lollipop Stick

The Edibel Lolipop - Kickstarter

Edible lolipop stick? What a strange idea, what’s that all about?

That's right! For the first time ever you can eat the stick of your lollipop! The stick can be any flavor and made into any color. The stick is made out of a candy interior coated with a hard candy material found on other types of candy. This coating prevents sticky hands and melting while holding it.

But … I don’t want to eat the stick. The whole point of the stick is that the candy doesn’t ever touch your hands. If I want to just hold candy in my hands, there’s plenty of non-lollipop candies I can eat, so I don’t really see the big innovation here.

Risks and challenges  There isn’t much risk involved. As an inventor I have been facing challenges and thinking outside the box to deal with those challenges for as long as I can remember. I'm excited to get the lollipop stick into everyone's tummy! Screenshot_4 Oh, this isn’t a good sign. Any time someone uses the word “Inventor” as though it was a job title it’s usually a good sign they don’t understand how the process of invention really works.

But how can that be? How can he be ignorant of how invention works? This invention is patented. In fact, most of the Kickstarter page is just a copy/paste from that patent. (Which is also worrying. How’s he going to run a business if he doesn’t understand the difference between a patent and a marketing pitch?)

A commenter solves the mystery for us :
Have you patented this? Because unless your name is Pak Nin Chan it seems this was invented in 1991 - http://www.google.com/patents/US6177110 .

That’s right, this invention’s patent, the patent he was actually quoting in his Kickstarter pitch, was invented by an inventor named Pak Nin Chan, and owned by a Hong Kong company called “Candy Novelty Works Ltd.”. Mr Chan has invented a number of interesting looking novelty candies, some of them a bit on the dumb side, but a lot of them look fun and are probably money makers.

… But I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the doughy white guy we see in the video isn’t Mr Chan.

Who is this chancer?

Who is this “Ronnie” idiot who not only thinks it’s ok to steal someone else’s idea, but thinks it’s a good idea to actually quote the actual patent, proving that he didn’t steal it by accident?

OMG! It’s the Living Dinosaurs guy! I covered him back on the first week of this blog!

It’s like meeting an old friend again. Keep up the good work, Ronnie.

Thanks to reader Dario V. for making sure I didn’t miss this one!


Night of the Living Plagiarists


Ok. New Movie. “Night of the Walking Dead”. To be honest, it sounds like he just took two separate titles (Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead and Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead“) and jammed them together. Would that be plagiarism? Probably not. Lot’s of people rip off names, doesn’t mean anything.


An odd thing to notice about this campaign is that he capped the pledges at 500 at the $60 level, and 1000 at the $20 level, which is an interesting choice for a project with a $200,000 goal.

Now, there’s no video, but that image looks cool! To bad it’s actually an old desktop wallpaper that’s been floating around the Internet since at least 2011. Well, still … maybe he’s the guy who painted it back in 2011, or whenever. I guess we can’t prove he’s a plagiarist.

  I plan to have the next best indie zombie flim  looking to flim it this summer  got a great location to make the flim,asking 50,000 to get the cameras and equipment to film it  another 80,000 for the permits and to shoot on location   then the rest for props and staff

Huh. Between the basic math errors, and the plagiarism I’m starting to suspect that this guy isn’t really a professional filmmaker. Maybe we should check out his web-page.


Hey, wow. His website starts with a YouTube clip of really profesionally photographed and well written scene from a zombie movie! I’m impressed!

…Or at least, I would be impressed, if I hadn’t seen “Shaun of the Dead“, the movie that scene is really from.


Here’s a fun game. Where are these three “Movie posters” from? The first one is from that wallpaper I mentioned above. Can anyone identify where the other two come from?

Recomended by reader and zombie expert Ross Wolfe


Comic book rip-offs.

This man wants to publish a comic book.

That image in the project lead looks pretty good.

Too bad he didn’t create that image. It appears on virtually every “Desktop wallpaper” collection on the web!


So, how far did this blatant plagiarism get him?


Haha! Three dollars from three backers! Total failure.

Realizing that his biggest problem was that he didn’t plagiarize good enough source material, he tried again.


This time he’s ripped off the “Time Traveler Essentials” poster (and t-shirt) by Ryan North (@ryanqnorth).

Challenges: I have to find a publisher, I have to get an illustrator or more likely 4 or 5, i have to get an editor and a dame[sic] good one. oh and I have to make sure the book don't suck.

Of Course! He’s plagiarizing his title images because he can’t draw. He’s just the writer. We’ve seen this before, but maybe this guy is a phenomenal writer.
I AM THE GALACTIC INQUISITOR, YOU SHALL BE JUDGED ON A CRITERIA FOR WHICH YOU SHALL NOT KNOW."  I awoke to the sound of a booming, grainy voice and the brightest white i've ever seen. "Its so fucking bright, can we tune that down a little please?" A painful shock ran down my spine as the voice rang out again. "YOU WILL NOT ASK QUESTIONS YOU ARE HERE TO BE JUDGED FOR A TERM NO LONGER THAN TWO THOUSAND EARTH YEARS." "Two thousand? What the crap are you." whoosh is all I hear as the floor falls out from under me. The brightness is replaced with darkness and falling. All I can hear is the sound of my screams sounding distant and muffled. The sting of cold as I wrap my arms around me and feel that I'm naked, thinking of frostbite I try to warm my nose. My hand passes right thru my head.

Wow, he does need a dame good copy editor.

See Also :


A detailed revisting.

(I apologize if this article is a little wordy. We’ll be back to normal on Monday.)

A few weeks ago I posted an article about some photobooks being Kickstarted by a college professor named “Amy Laptad”.

What was the problem with the photobooks? Plagiarism. The photos in the books were not original, but belonged to a number of different professional and semi-pro photographers on the web.

Part of this website’s goal, besides just being entertaining, is to point out Kickstarter frauds and scams to make people aware of the risks of Kickstarter-style funding models. Therefore I feel very justified in having brought this plagiarism to my reader’s attention.

Why am I revisiting this? Because Dr. Laptad has emailed me threatening legal action and challenging me to prove my claims.

So here we go!

The Disney Dream


Amy Laptad claims to have taken this photograph, but it really belongs to Christian Lambert Photography.

How do I know this?

  1. Christian Lambert Photography proudly displays it on their home page.
  2. The oldest and highest resolution version of this photograph on the net was published by Christian Lambert.
  3. Mr. Lambert has a second photograph of the same boat, taken the next day.
  4. It was taken with a Nikon D700, a camera Mr. Lambert uses for many of his photographs.
  5. It matches Mr Lambert’s style and subject matter. Mr Lambert has taken many photographs of Disney attractions, with no people in the foreground, processed with an HDR effect.

I feel confident in trusting Christian Lambert’s claim to be the original creator of this image.

The dead child’s teddy bear

Amy Laptad claims to have taken this photograph, but it really belongs to Chelsea Tucker.

How do I know this?

  1. The oldest and highest resolution version of this photograph on the net was published by Chelsea Tucker.
  2. It was taken by a Nikon D90, a camera Ms. Tucker uses for many of her photographs.
  3. Ms Tucker has another photograph of the same bear. This less popular photograph appears nowhere but on Ms Tucker’s Flickr page.
  4. Ms Tucker has a whole series of close-up photographs taken at that same cemetery in San Antonio.

I feel confident in trusting Chelsea Tucker’s claim to be the original creator of this image.

Kudzu Ferris Wheel

Amy Laptad claims to have taken this photograph.

…and low and behold, it does show up on her Pinterest page almost a year ago. Let’s see what she has to say about it!

Repinned?!? Did she forget that she was secretly the real photographer that took this picture back in 2009?

Of course not. The answer is obvious. She didn’t decide that this picture was “hers” until she decided to make a book.

The real photographer is Kyle Telechan.

How do I know this?

  1. The oldest, largest, and least-cropped version of this photograph was published by Kyle Telechan.
  2. Mr. Telechan has clearly made a hobby of photographing abandoned structures.

(Unexplained anomaly: This photograph was taken with a different camera than his others.)

I feel confident in trusting Kyle Telechan’s claim to be the original creator of this image.

Where does this leave us?

It’s absolutely preposterous to suggest that all these talented photographers have conspired to to steal photographs from Amy Laptad. Especially as her own “Hobby Photographs” are not that great, and were taken with a completely different brand of camera. (A Sony DSC-HX300)

Clearly what we have here is a woman who plagiarized a bunch of photos, and then when she was caught she tried to silence the opposition with vague legal threats. (She told me she was going to “Take legal action“, “Have [my] entire site closed“, and “alert local authorities“! Whoever they are.)

You know what’s really sad here? This woman is an educator! She works for a university! (That university has asked me not to mention their name. Can you blame them?)

Any students out there who got marked off for plagiarism or cheating by Prof. Laptad have every right to be furious.

I recommend printing out this page and waving it in her face any time she brings up the subject of academic ethics.