Solving the Trickiest Problem of USA’s Police force


A couple of days ago, a man driving a state police car pulled up right behind mine and turned on its flashing lights and briefly toggled its siren. I pulled over to the curb to see who the man was, and what he wanted. Turns out he was a state police officer wanting to ticket me for (allegedly) going 70mph in a 65mph zone.

But how could I have known it was a copper? What if it was some psychopath who had somehow acquired a perfect replica of both a police uniform, and a highway patrol car?


If only every police car in the country was required to have windshield that lit up with the word “POLICE”!

Then I’d be able to tell … well, actually, I’m not sure what it would tell me. I mean, I can already recognize police cars. They’re already covered with equipment that civilians aren’t supposed to have.

Just imagine having the ability to see and confirm at the safety and security of your own vehicle that you’re being pulled over by a vialed police officer.  The Red and Blue warning light is a thing of the pass, our specialized windshield is a verification method giving citizens a reliable method of knowing that they are being pulled over by an actual police officer while maintaining a safe distance.