Touch Me, Play Me

TouchmePlayme is not about sex or sexy, it’s not about technology applied to wall decor, it’s not about gimmick …it’s about humor, making you smile, it’s about fun, it’s about a conversation piece. And if my project landing on your wall or anybody else’s wall could accomplish that… my job would be complete!

Ok, Let’s break this down.


  1. is NOT about sex.
  2. is NOT sexy.
  3. is NOT about technology applied to wall decor.
  4. is NOT about gimmick.

Ok. Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s take a look.

(Note : The audio on this video will probably make your coworkers think that you’re watching porno.)

This is a talking poster. When you touch it, it’ll say things like :

“Let your hands slide slowly down my hot body!”

“Yeah! Oh, Yeah!”

“You naughty boy!”

“Kiss me again!”

“Come on, babe. Ready for the grand finale? Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Remember : This is not about sex.
Don't for get to touch me on my ...

Still not about sex.

You will want that poster on your wall this Christmas.
Absolutely! I want to gather the whole family around to watch me touch my poster! I sense the beginnings of a whole new holiday tradition!