Two options for a new bag.

Here’s an interesting bag named after either the hydraulic fracturing mining process, or an expletive for pretend astronauts,

It’s got a weird design. It serves as a normal backpack to carry your computer around, but it also unfolds into a “Portable workstation”!

Ugh! I don’t know about you, but just looking at that guy try to use his laptop makes my neck and wrists hurt. It would be difficult to make a less ergonomic laptop using experience.

Wait, what’s stopping that guy’s laptop from just sliding out?

Oh, that’s right. We need to glue velcro to our laptop to make it work with this bag.

If you absolutely have to use keep up with your Twitter feed while you’re walking around in public, I suggest getting a Google Glass, but wouldn’t you rather just enjoy your walk, and then sit down to use your computer?


Was that last bag too high tech for you? Want something older-school? Mr Donald Lee Confer is trying to start a purse company. This is the only photograph he provides, but I think we can extrapolate a lot from it.

For $100 he will send you one of these purses made from rough cuts of scrap animal hide, and closed with a simple bone clasp. (Not a joke!) I’m not an expert, but to me, the stitch-work also looks like something a child might do at summer camp.

If you pay an extra $50 he’ll decorate it with “a drawing of a deer”.

I don’t understand this. I can only assume that there’s some kind of “Caveman punk” fad going on among America’s teenagers and I just haven’t heard of it. I feel so old.