Rage Quit!

Anti Dragon / Witch / Zombie stones hand-crafted by Albert Gimbleweed.

Stripped of their backstory and magical properties, these are polished rocks in a rustic, but nicely made, display case.

Charming, but they don’t really need upfront cash to be produced, and they’re from (so far as I can tell) an unknown artist, so it’s not hard to see why this didn’t attract too many takers. The truth is, unknown artists peddling polished rocks as whimsical talismans are not hard to find. Go to any flea market and you’re sure to find a couple.

It probably didn’t help that the lowest reward tier that actually offered a stone was a rather steep £55 (about $85).

So what?

Still, whimsical folk-art is still art, and there’s certainly no shame in trying! So why am I laughing so hard?

Here’s the project as it appears today :

Que? Where's the crowd?

There isn’t much I find funnier than a rage-quit!

When Kickstarter didn’t turn out to be a magical money machine, Craig Palmer decided that Kickstarter must instead be a gigantic scam, and defaced his own project page to get the word out! (Apparently the thought that people might simply not want his rocks was too terrible to contemplate.)


To be honest, I don’t quite follow this. I’m pretty sure that if it was more coherent it would be a scathing indictment of Kickstarter and all that it stands for.

The risks and challenges that I may face could only really be the possibility that Kickstarter doesn't really work. Then it should be called Non-Starter.
Well this is clearer anyway.

Sorry dude. If you thought Kickstarter’s job was to magically make people want your product, or to magically conjure money out of people without first getting them interested, then, yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t do that.

This article kindly suggested by reader Lee Ann Rucker


The Gamer Comedy that Rage-quits

Pwned! The Gamer Comedy that Gives
(AKA “Pwned! The Ultimate Geek Anthem Film”)

This man needs a mere $250,000 to film a Gamer Comedy. It’s a comedy film by gamers, for gamers!

It contains fresh new gags like this parody of the Star Wars opening scroll :

But this isn’t just a comedy, it also has an important message!

Oh boy. A parody of “gamer life” that also teaches us an important message about bullying.

When the internet didn’t immediately start throwing money at them for this obviously brilliant concept, they changed the name of their project from “The Ultimate Geek Anthem Film” to “The Gamer Comedy that Gives“, and explained that they would give 100% of their profits to charity, including …

When even this didn’t work, they did the only thing they could think of : RAGE-QUIT!

Don’t worry, they’ve relocated to IndieGoGo!
(By the way, that’s not a comb-over, his hair just does that.)