We’re off to annotate the Wizard.

The Annotated Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Student literacy rates in Northern Minnesota are troubling. Help bring a timeless classic to a new audience. Encourage reading today!

I kicked in a few dollars to this one, but I don’t think this one is going to make it. People are probably reluctant to kick in money without knowing what kind of “annotations” the book will have, and what will make it better than the many existing annotated versions. (Like this excellent version.)

However, even if they get the money and make the books, they will still fail.

Here’s the problem right here :
At Daventry Press, we focus on two things: bringing great stories to people everywhere, and instilling a love of reading to children, especially those having trouble in school.
So, you’ve got a bunch of kids who don’t like reading, and aren’t very good at it. The solution to this problem is absolutely not to give the kids a book written in 1899 that they already know how it ends!

“Hey there. I know you think that reading is boring and old-fashioned, but check out this Victorian-era book about a farm girl and a scarecrow.” (When was the last time you even saw a real scarecrow?)

“You already know the story, so there won’t be any suspense at all!”

You might as well give them a copy of the Wall Street Journal for all the good it would do.