Tiny-Copter to the Rescue!


This man needs €100 (about $120) to design a series of robots that will help passengers during a plane crash. (And thus, by making flying safer, make people less afraid of flying.)

That sounds pretty futuristic. What kind of rescue can you do with a drone?


Oh come on, I could barely carry all that myself. And you’re telling me that some drone is going to buzz around putting out fires and tossing ropes to passengers?

In fact, I’m not sure what the passengers are supposed to do with a rope once the robot gives it to them. When was the last time you read about someone surviving a plane-crash, but dieing afterwards because they didn’t have a rope?


Kickstarter requires a prototype for all technology projects, so let’s take a moment to watch the video of this thing’s prototype.

Oh great. We’re saved. The robot will save us! It will save us with its cardboard cutout of a fire extinguisher!