Gold Coins!


Gold coins! Well, at least it’s not another Challenge Coin.


I’m going to be honest with you. This coin design sucks. Even the worst of the Brony coins was better than this!


Kickstarter is all about trust. Because Kickstarter is not your normal store, it’s vital that as a backer, you trust the person running the project. For something as expensive as gold, you’re going to want a lot of trust!

Project creator Larry Murk hasn’t given us a website, or even a Facebook link, but he has created two projects in the past.


He made a god damn potato salad project?!?

Wow, this guy sounds like a real winner. Somebody I’d really like to trust with well over a thousand dollars of my money.

What’s it cost?

Speaking of money, how much is he charging for this ugly coin?


$2,000, That’s a lot of money.

And how much do real gold venders charge?


I guess the extra $700+ goes to that amazing design that he clearly worked for at least four minutes on?

This article was kindly suggested by reader James K.


iPatch (AKA stickers)


iPatched protects you from being seen through web cams/cameras when you are not using your connected devices. iPatched covers your cell phone, iPad/Droid pad/Kindle, laptop, and Kinect/Playstation cameras. iPatched gives YOU the control over who sees into your life.

They’re stickers.

Stickers that go over camera lenses so that scary hackers can’t take your photo.

Personally, if I were worried about hackers getting access to my phone’s camera, I’d get a good virus scanner, but I guess physically covering the lens is a reasonable enough “backup” measure.

But here’s the hilarious part :

$10 for 6 patches!
TEN DOLLARS for SIX STICKERS! (Overseas? Add an extra $10 for no reason.)

That’s $1.67 per sticker!

This is the genius of this scam. They can go to a custom sticker printing place (Like this one.) and get these little 2″x2″ sheets with six stickers on them for about 35ยข per sheet. Toss it in an envelope with a stamp on it, and that’s over $9 profit on a $10 item! Brilliant!

Too Rich for your blood?

This project is clearly a rip-off of epic proportions, so I’ve taken the liberty of checking Amazon for a cheaper alternative.


I just saved you about seven bucks. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Thanks to @Fruv for the tip.