loe, the Shoehorn iPhone Cover

Kickstarter :  loe cover is a new smartphonecover with shoehorn

Have you ever wished your phone could help you put on a tight pair of shoes? Of course you have. Well this project tried to make those dreams a reality.

Back in the day it was quite common to own a shoehorn.

This genius apparently believes that shoehorns are some kind of lost technology. He probably found one on an archeological dig and realized that the ancients must have used these mystic devices for putting on tight shoes.

In actual real life, shoehorns are available cheaply in a wide variety of styles. If you haven’t seen one lately, it’s probably because you hang around with people who only wear sneakers and other easy-to-put-on types of shoe.

Kickstarter - iPhone case / shoehorn prototype

Ah, but those old-fashioned shoehorns don’t attach to your phone. … and somehow that’s a problem?

Maybe some people change their shoes so often that just leaving a shoehorn wherever they store their shoes isn’t sufficient. Maybe some people change their shoes constantly, on the road, at coffee shops, during business meetings, weddings, and other situations where they couldn’t carry a shoehorn, but they’d definetely still have their phone!

Prototype iphone case / shoehorn hybrid So go ahead. Use your phone as the handle to what is basically a small pry-bar. What could go wrong?


Shoes that can Rot!

Earthbaked - Biodegradable footware - Light weight, affordable, 90 day footwear created with a "return to sender" design philosophy. Strengthen feet, earth, and conscience.


Once again we’re going to save the environment by making (and shipping) products that are disposable.

The project page makes a big deal about how the soles of normal shoes take a thousand years to biodegrade, but I honestly don’t see why that’s a big deal. Modern landfills are completely sealed in plastic. Even things that do biodegrade are not allowed to return to the ecosystem. So what difference does it make? (They do this because people throw away things they’re not supposed to. Like batteries.)

Are these shoes biodegradable enough to put in a compost pile? I could almost see how that would be important to some people. Suspiciously, he doesn’t mention.

So what’s the big advantage? Why would I want to replace my normal, real shoes, with these wool slippers that will probably fall apart?

Well, he makes a really big deal about how cheap they are! Super cheap shoes would actually be a good thing. Let’s see :

Earthbaked shoes on the left, Payless ShoeSource on the right.
Earthbaked shoes on the left, Payless ShoeSource on the right.