Snow Stairs

Wow, talk about ‘First World Problems’! This gentleman is marketing a product that will make it easier to climb the piles of snow you’ve specifically placed in your back yard for climbing on.

Oh! You hear that? It was an impediment to his enjoyment! Something must be done about this posthaste!

He goes on and on for paragraphs explaining all the different stair-creating steps he tried before ariving at his goal.

But, he never addresses his real problem, as seen in the image to the right.

He expects his kids to “Sled” down a three foot “hill” that he’s specially made for them out of loose-packed snow.

For crying out loud! You might as well just set up a “Slip-n-slide” in the basement for them and skip the snow altogether!

Just let the kids play in the snow! You don’t need to specially prepare it for them, and then manufacture special plastic steps because the snow-enjoyment-experience you’ve carefully crafted for them doesn’t measure up to the snow-enjoyment that nature has given countless kids for generations.


Calvin and Hobbes would weep.