She thinks she has a book deal.


You’ve got a book deal! Congratula- wait. You need six thousand dollars?

I think there’s been a misunderstanding here. Let me diagram this out for you.

Sorry, lady, but if a publisher is asking you for money they’re not really a publisher. At best they might be a vanity press, at worse they’ll just disappear with your money.

Anyway, let’s listen to her video :

I believe I am a best-selling author. I have wrote a ten-thousand page book about coming out of bondage of things that have a stronghold on us.

TEN-THOUSAND PAGES?!? Holy crap! I’ve got to diagram this out again.

This is a truly record-breaking book! Amazing. No wonder the “publisher” wants so much money, they’ll have to cut down a whole forest to print it!

Wait a minute.

Oh, Maybe she meant to say “Ten-thousand words“. That’s not a novel! That’s a term paper!

So what we have here is a woman that is being scammed by a vanity press, who needs money to print her book, which is either a record breaking 10,000 pages long, or about 35 pages long.

That’s more than a little sad, actually.