Thought Phones! Or maybe not?

Let me take you backstage a moment and explain how I prepare these posts.

When I find a project that makes me giggle, I take a screenshot of it, and then I bookmark it. Later, when I prepare the post for this blog, I work from that screenshot, but I also check out the page again to see if I missed anything.

So imagine my surprise that this crazy project had completely changed!

Two Weeks Ago :

TARC - The first thought phone

Now :

Tarc - The first free energy thought magnifier

Apparently, project creator Paris Tosen was forced to change the name and purpose of his product when his beta testers complained that they couldn’t place thought-calls on their thought-phones.

That is a real thing that I am not making up.
Therefore, I am going to revise the Tarc into a device that magnifies, accentuates, and modulates thought energy, since this remains a consistent theme in the feedback from the testers.
I think he means “My device does absolutely nothing at all, so I need to revise its description to something that can’t be proved one way or the other.

This is not me telling them what to do.
But that’s your job! You’re the inventor!

Come on, we all know that a thought-phone or even a thought amplifier is complete nonsense!
Oh! I guess he put me in my place!

Let’s carry on, then.

Until two weeks ago it could send and receive messages of love from friends and family, but I guess the receiver circuits still need some work.
(It could also “Send and receive emergency messages to any person in the world“. Which strikes me as the sort of thing his lawyer probably told him to take off the list.)

Two Weeks Ago :

The TARC is designed with Stelan technology (ie interdimensional science), advanced ideas that have been adapted to suit human needs.

Now :

The TARC is designed with a crystalline architecture, advanced ideas that have been adapted to suit human needs. Human DNA is also crystalline based.

Wait, “Stelan Technology”? Yes. Two weeks ago he was all about the “Stelan Technology”, now he doesn’t mention it once!

What is he trying to cover up?

Turns out that “Stelans” are aliens living on Earth! Paris Tosen apparently has a degree in “modern Human-Stelan relations”, and runs the Office of Stelan Affairs.

I can’t imagine why Paris Tosen would try to cover up his expertise in this exciting field!

In fact, he’s an expert in many fields! He’s written a number of books.

Truly a remarkable person.

See for yourself

My Screenshot of the original project is here.
The current “Tarc” project is here.

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