This school year, the hot new thing, was Spinners. I’m not going to explain what spinners are, because if you’re living under that big of a rock, I can’t help you. I’m also not going to scoff at them. I’ve never understood why so many people have such a frothing hatred for the current schoolyard fad. I guess it just makes them feel old. So old!

However, now that the fad is fading, they’re going to have to fall back on the two sure-fire paths to success on Kickstarter

“Minimalist” Wallet



Bottle Opener





Or Potatoes?

I’ll be honest. I dunno what’s going on with this one.



Electro Wallet

 Electronic wallet with a touch screen and fingerprint scanner designed to protect all contents of the wallet in a highly secure manner.

Reader James K has disovered the most absurd wallet on Kickstarter so far. And that’s no easy feat, because there’s been some pretty absurd wallet kickstarters.

Let’s take a look at what makes this so absurd :


This battery powered monstrosity has everything you could ever want from a wallet :

                   How does Electro-Wallet work?      Provides both men and women with a fully secured electronic wallet.      Features a fully-digital color touch screen in order to access all components of the wallet.     Electro-Wallet is composed of 100% stainless steel.     Utilizes a thumb fingerprint scanner in order to gain access to up to 20 different cards such as driver’s license, credit cards, and more.     Includes a back compartment to hide and secure various amounts of cash.       Ensures all valuable items carried within the wallet are safe until the user has need of them.     Electro-Wallet has a built-in tracker, which allows for tracking of the device.     E-Wallet has RFID blocking technology that protects against wireless identity theft an RFID skimming.     This Device has a Mobile App which allows for secondary controlling of the wallet.

This isn’t a wallet, this is a electronic safe that you carry around in your pocket!

(Interestingly, it also seems to have some kind of “Doctor Who”-style “bigger on the inside” technology, because the “money storage” area seems to take up almost the entire volume of the device, occupying the same space as the credit card compartment.)


Electro-Wallet has been a project I have been working on for 3 years now. This is my first time designing something this spectacular.  It all started on new years eve midnight 2011, when my friends and I were robbed and had our wallets taken. The robbery was not the bad part, the worst part was calling and cancelling my debit card and all my credit cards. Then I had to re-order them all which took about 2 weeks to get to me, my identification card took the longest because with an ID your option of doing things are very limited. So I came up with and idea to solve this issue, with E-Wallet all your personal cards and cash are completely safe. Its has a stainless steel body with a LED touchscreen, It has a cash storage compartment located on the back of the wallet. The wallet has fingerprint recognition technology for access to your cards and cash storage. E-Wallet has a built in tracker that tracks your wallet if its ever lost or stolen. Besides being THE FIRST OF ITS KIND E-Wallet has some AMAZING FEATURES that will surely grab your attention.
Even a child could tell you this won’t work. If the bad guy has your wallet, he’ll just put it in a vice until it cracks like an egg, or cut it open, or whatever!

All the fingerprint scanners in the world aren’t going to stop a hacksaw.

I suppose I should take a moment to point out the obvious : This thing is battery powered, and when the battery runs dead, you can’t get your own money out without charging it up again, or the aforementioned hacksaw.

Can he even make this?

The project has been a work is progress from finalizing the drawings to getting the funds.Thanks to the help of some good credit I was able to get a loan and have a company called Invention Home help me build a 3D prototype and Patent my idea that was 8 months ago. I built a presentation with the 3D photos of my wallet and some of my sketches.
You know what he never mentions anywhere in his (very long) project page? Not even on the “parts list”?

A circuit board.

Designing this product would be about as complicated as designing a smartphone, but I think that he thinks that “designing a product” just means “drawing a picture of it”. I don’t think he has the first idea how to make this product’s internals.

I think that he thinks that circuit boards and electronics just sort of “happen” during the manufacturing process. Who knows where they come from!

Rule of Thumb

Never, ever back a project created by someone who describes themselves as an “Inventor”.

Real inventors describe themselves by their area of expertise. They call themselves “Electrical engineers” or “Metal workers” or whatever. If the best title they can think of is “inventor”, it means they don’t have the first clue what the hell they’re doing.


I Bought One : The Dollar Wallet

Last time I actually backed one of the crazy projects I mention on this site, I quite liked the result, but then the project creator posted a comment that he only sent me a nice one by accident! So I’ve decided to try again.

As pointed out back in August, Kickstarter has approximately 1.5 billion “Minimalist Wallet” projects. Seriously, a new one goes up almost every day. There are an endless supply of allegedly “minimalist” wallets, with all kinds of fancy features.

However, this project caught my eye :


You can’t beat that price. I figure the most authentic minimalist wallet is probably also the cheapest, and really, what have I got to lose? (Answer : One dollar.)

2014-02-01 23.17.34
The dollar wallet shipped in an envelope that is smaller than an actual dollar. Notice the 66-cent postage stamp. This is really the 34-cent wallet.

2014-02-01 23.55.05
Yes! Now this is a minimalist wallet. It’s a piece of fiberboard, and an elastic band.

The fiberboard is actually a little nicer than I expected. Fiberboard is a close relative of cardboard, but this material feels reasonably sturdy. I’m sure it’ll break eventually, but what do you want for a dollar?

The idea here is that you strap your credit cards (and such) on one side, and your money, folded four ways, on the other side.

2014-02-01 23.14.12
2014-02-01 23.12.16


This wallet is legitimately “minimalist”. I hereby declare that this is the winner of minimalism in wallets, and all those other “minimalist” wallets are posers. If this wallet were any more minimalist it wouldn’t be a wallet.

Ok, ok, it’s minimalist, but is it usable? Eh, it’s not terrible.

Minimalism is a trade-off. A regular, old-fashioned wallet is easier to use. You don’t have to fold the bills, and the cards are all in separate, easy-access pockets. A dollar wallet is easier to carry, and it fits in virtually any pocket, but it’s a bit harder to use. Your cash needs to be folded over (And then re-folded when someone hands you change) and your cards are all in a single stack, where only the top one is truly “easy-access”.

Final Thought

I don’t know if my pack-rat nature will allow me to give up my giant old-man wallet, But you can’t beat the price. If you’re in the market for a new wallet, you’ve got nothing to lose trying this one first.

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I guess this project was inevitable.

I’m tired of using my dumb finger! But I can’t use an ordinary, pencil-shaped stylus! What do pencils have to do with phones?!? Obviously, you want a stylus the same size and shape as your phone! It just makes sense.

Check out the video. (Watch for the spots where he uses it on things that are not touch-screens!)


This is never a good sign. When someone starts bragging about being “an inventor”, beware! Real inventors describe themselves as “engineers” or “designers” or “businessmen”. Inventing isn’t a qualification or job title, it’s just a thing you can do.

Coming Soon!

Watch for my upcoming projects :

  • A children’s book that is also a challenge coin
  • A T-shirt that is also a bottle of barbeque sauce.