IndieGoGo redesign.


Whenever I’m stuck for content on this blog, I can always depend on IndieGoGo to provide as many completely insane projects as I need to meet my schedule.

Imagine my surpise when I discovered that IndieGoGo had “reinvented” itself.

This could be a disaster! (for me.) I need to go through the check-list to make sure it hasn’t really changed.

Water powered car? –Check


He thinks he’s going to use an electric pump to push water over a waterwheel which will power the pump. He must be six years old.

Teenager who wants expensive toy for free? –Check


Yeah, ok, Objective-C is an Apple standard. It’s not going to work on Glass.

Asshole who thinks shameless greed is funny and clever? –Check

This is so not clever that I’ve already made fun of at least one person who had this exact same stupid idea.

Did he really think it would be that easy?

Creepy sex stuff? (NSFW) –Check

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