Comic book rip-offs.

This man wants to publish a comic book.

That image in the project lead looks pretty good.

Too bad he didn’t create that image. It appears on virtually every “Desktop wallpaper” collection on the web!


So, how far did this blatant plagiarism get him?


Haha! Three dollars from three backers! Total failure.

Realizing that his biggest problem was that he didn’t plagiarize good enough source material, he tried again.


This time he’s ripped off the “Time Traveler Essentials” poster (and t-shirt) by Ryan North (@ryanqnorth).

Challenges: I have to find a publisher, I have to get an illustrator or more likely 4 or 5, i have to get an editor and a dame[sic] good one. oh and I have to make sure the book don't suck.

Of Course! He’s plagiarizing his title images because he can’t draw. He’s just the writer. We’ve seen this before, but maybe this guy is a phenomenal writer.
I AM THE GALACTIC INQUISITOR, YOU SHALL BE JUDGED ON A CRITERIA FOR WHICH YOU SHALL NOT KNOW."  I awoke to the sound of a booming, grainy voice and the brightest white i've ever seen. "Its so fucking bright, can we tune that down a little please?" A painful shock ran down my spine as the voice rang out again. "YOU WILL NOT ASK QUESTIONS YOU ARE HERE TO BE JUDGED FOR A TERM NO LONGER THAN TWO THOUSAND EARTH YEARS." "Two thousand? What the crap are you." whoosh is all I hear as the floor falls out from under me. The brightness is replaced with darkness and falling. All I can hear is the sound of my screams sounding distant and muffled. The sting of cold as I wrap my arms around me and feel that I'm naked, thinking of frostbite I try to warm my nose. My hand passes right thru my head.

Wow, he does need a dame good copy editor.

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Queen of Who?

Queen of Hearts - by Jeff Donovan Wade

  Want to know about Queen of Hearts character? Support her #0 comic book. If goal is reached, supporters will be given LIMITED rewards!
Not really. Who the hell is she?

You mean the playing card? The villain from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“? Any one of a dozen songs, poems, and TV shows?

Nope. This “Queen of Hearts” is an original comic book by Jeff Donovan Wade. (Never heard of him either!) And when I say “original”, I mean it doesn’t exist yet, and furthermore Jeff Donovan Wade has never created a comic in his life.

Which character is talking first in this poorly framed panel full of strange poses and boring dialog?
Which character is talking first in this poorly framed panel full of strange poses and boring dialog?


(Updated June 4th, 2013)
The creator of this project has contacted me to complain that, while discussing his professional credentials, I didn’t include his X-Men fanfic.

He seems to believe that if you know about this fanfic, which he created by copy/pasting art together, then you would take him seriously as an artist.

So, you can read the comic if you dare, and see if it improves your opinion of Jeff Donovan Wade as an artist.

Mr. Wade is begging for $2,200 so he can hire someone to pencil, ink, and color (Oh, didn’t I mention? This guy is just the writer.) a comic book, without giving us so much as a sample page!

Sounds risky, doesn’t it?

It must be! This project has the longest “Risks and Challenges” section I’ve ever seen. Not only that, it’s the most emo “Risks and Challenges” section I’ve ever seen!

 Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter  Since this is my first Kickstarter project, I don't really expect to make my money targeted goal. Why? Well I have been writing for ten years now, and I still haven't seen profit nor support from most of my friends and family. I must admit poor progress is partly my fault, but family priorities as well as time and energy issues also have their part.
Are you kidding? Then what the hell are you wasting our time for?

(Also, “money targeted goal”? Are you sure you’re a writer?)
Working two jobs, three if you count chores, takes attention and time away from my dream.
Four if you count watching TV!

However, reality demands a writer to have another "paying" job until a marketable literary product is completed. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.
Really? Sucks to be you! I learned it the easy way. By reading literally any book, magazine, or blog about being a writer or an artist. They always, always say to keep your day job because it takes a long time to make money on writing or art.

Literary agents or companies will not even take my passion seriously unless I finish the literature that I hype.

… and he goes on like this, for paragraphs and paragraphs of angry, ranting, embarrasing text. (Remember : This guy’s a writer!)

Finally he ends by telling us his SECRET PLAN!
 I am very close to completing a ten year novel, scheduled to pitch it at the in Hollywood June 2, 2013. This kickstarter project, if nearly funded, will also be pitched as my "second project". Hopefully, this tactic will put the fear into the Hollywood agents, possibly forcing them to deal.
Yea, buddy. You’re a genius. I hear Hollywood agents are desperate to buy the movie rights to indie comics that haven’t even penciled their first page.

Not looking good

Here’s an exerpt from his first “update” to the project :

“I was hoping that this project would boost my morale, but it is actually having the opposite affect. Therefore, since no one seems to believe in me or my abilities, despite all that I have done: comic book, scripts, animation, edited videos and music […] it will fail.”

Oh, Why must life torture this artistic soul so? Has he not proven his worth with his Loony Tunes fanfic scripts? Has he not shown himself to be worthy by using to make Star Trek animations from the built-in clipart? And who can say he has not made a comic? Has he not copy-pasted some X-men art and put his own words in the text bubbles?


He’s not giving up!

That’s right! He’s going to get page one drawn (Remember, he has to hire an artist) then he’s going to Kickstart page two!

Haha! I suppose if that succeeds he’ll Kickstart page three?

(What if it fails? Will he Kickstart things a panel-at-a-time? A word-at-a-time?)

(The project was recomended by reader Lee R.)