Night of the Living Plagiarists


Ok. New Movie. “Night of the Walking Dead”. To be honest, it sounds like he just took two separate titles (Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead and Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead“) and jammed them together. Would that be plagiarism? Probably not. Lot’s of people rip off names, doesn’t mean anything.


An odd thing to notice about this campaign is that he capped the pledges at 500 at the $60 level, and 1000 at the $20 level, which is an interesting choice for a project with a $200,000 goal.

Now, there’s no video, but that image looks cool! To bad it’s actually an old desktop wallpaper that’s been floating around the Internet since at least 2011. Well, still … maybe he’s the guy who painted it back in 2011, or whenever. I guess we can’t prove he’s a plagiarist.

  I plan to have the next best indie zombie flim  looking to flim it this summer  got a great location to make the flim,asking 50,000 to get the cameras and equipment to film it  another 80,000 for the permits and to shoot on location   then the rest for props and staff

Huh. Between the basic math errors, and the plagiarism I’m starting to suspect that this guy isn’t really a professional filmmaker. Maybe we should check out his web-page.


Hey, wow. His website starts with a YouTube clip of really profesionally photographed and well written scene from a zombie movie! I’m impressed!

…Or at least, I would be impressed, if I hadn’t seen “Shaun of the Dead“, the movie that scene is really from.


Here’s a fun game. Where are these three “Movie posters” from? The first one is from that wallpaper I mentioned above. Can anyone identify where the other two come from?

Recomended by reader and zombie expert Ross Wolfe


Zombie Bible

Zombie Bible -  As a parody of biblical events it will be full of satire, innuendo and outrageousness This is a book of fiction about a book of fiction

Look, just because “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” was a best-seller, doesn’t mean that everyone should go around adding zombies to old books!

In fact, I think nobody should do that since it’s probably the least creative or intelligent way to write a book I can possibly imagine.

I am so tired of the “believers” shoving their beliefs on me that I decided to rewrite the bible using science, common sense, absurdism, and intellectual stupidity... just as this book deserves. At least it will be a fun read... thanks.
Wonderful, I love being preached at!

I’m an athiest, and this is already starting to offend me.

Ugh, the unbearable smugness!

A lot of these don’t even seem like a big deal. Besides a few fundamentalists, would any Christians be shocked at the suggestion that the first plague of Egypt was a red algae bloom instead of literal blood? Who cares? The point is that their water supply became smelly and undrinkable, not that you could bag it and use it for transfusions!

And it goes on like this for pages…

But you know what he barely mentions at all? That’s right : Zombies.

It’s almost like the zombie on the cover was just a trick to get us to buy his preachy book!

Now I am offended!

Edit (5/2/13) : Ha ha! Commenter David Bird points out that this guy needs to brush up on his editing skills.
Anything less than a serious injury or death will not delay this project. I write on a daily bases. This project is already under way and the outline is done.
(It’s also possible that he’s tunneled under a street (or “way”) and writes the book on bases stolen from a local ball park. I’m not ruling anything out.)


2012 Apocalypse Survival Guide Failures

By the time this post goes live, civilization will presumably have ended.

Feeling lost? Not sure how to cope? You should have backed this project :
$2012 needed to take our 2012 Survival Guide to print! -- A Failure By (By the way, notice that this project is by an outfit called “”, but they still only got 13 backers!)

The rest of the “survival guides” on Kickstarter were for a very specific (and entirely fictional) type of disaster :

TACTICAL SURVIVAL GUIDE: For a Zombie Apocalypse

Too “Serious”. Can I get something for the common man?

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse - The how-to guide for the common man.

And the ladies?

A Girls Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

How to weaponize your bra!         And   What to do about that pesky period thing?

And, of course :
A Douchebag's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse